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6 SEO Factors You Need To Know When Doing SEO

SEO factors

SEO factors

There is more than 200+ SEO factors that guide the search engine to determine the sites that show in search results and they should be ranking. To want your site to reach the top of the SERPs, you will have to optimize the online presence in order to cater to these factors. 

The good news to feel good about is that not all the 200+ ranking factors are equal, as some SEO factors are more important than others. Therefore, if you decide to plan your SEO strategy, please pay attention to these 6 SEO factors that effects ranking the most. 

In this article, I will be telling and guiding you about 6 SEO factors that you must know before starting SEO

6 SEO Factors You Need to Know When Doing SEO

The algorithms of Google and search engines are always changing; therefore, some factors are somewhat important or the opposite. And some SEO factors are simply removed or introduced. As an SEO, you must be updated about the changes on the latest rankings factors and use SEO tools for scanning your site so that you don’t miss any news about a recent change. 


You must know that search engines have to find a site in order to rank it. Therefore, crawlability is important as an SEO factor.  It lets the search engines scan a website and make a review about the content, to determine what the page is all about and how it should be ranked. It works for social media platforms as well. 

If you want Google to take over your ranking game, you need to allow the search engine to crawl your site sincerely. To so so

  • On the top search engines, you have to submit a sitemap.
  • Go through the index status of your Google search console, to look for the number of pages it has crawled on your site.  SEO factors
  • You should learn how to use robots.txt, to tell which search engine pages should be assessed and what should not be. 

Page Load Speed

One of the SEO factors is page load speed. Search engines know one thing for sure, that users will not spend more than 2 seconds on a page to load, therefore to avoid giving users a bad experience, it shows them the pages that load quickly. In mobile phones, it is even faster as Google announced that its speed update makes load speed SEO ranking factor for mobile searches. 

Use a site speed checker in order to make your site load quickly, it can help you in your digital marketing.You can try Lexa’s speed analysis tool which is a part of the full Google’s Page speed insight tools. If you catch your site being slow, you can definitely speed up your site by implementing caching, reducing the number of redirects, and compressing files.

High-Quality Content

To boost your user management on the site, you have to appeal to search engines by regularly uploading high content. Among many, content is known to be the most important SEO ranking factor. It is the job of search engines to give the best results possible in order to give the highest rankings to sites that are well-researched and crafted.

Fresh contents always catch the attention of the search crawlers and therefore boost search visibility while they give you something valuable so that you can share it with your potential audiences.  It’s a win-win for social media marketing with marketing strategies.  SEO factors

Optimized Content 

If you are thinking of attracting search engines to your content, then you will have to consider on-page SEO factors. It is a process of optimizing every single page on your site for a target keyword. Therefore, if you optimize one specific word, and tell search engines to focus on that, which is obviously a keyword that gives you a gist about the content, search engines will show results according to that. 

Assign one particular keyword for each content, do not use the same keyword in other content as it will confuse search engines and the results it will come up with will not be the right one. After that, you can start optimizing your content for on-page SEO practices. 

Consistent Business Listings 

Search engines only rank those brands, who they think is credible, authoritative, and trustworthy. The more brands show their popularity online the more search engines will increase their search visibility. This is why business listings were introduced and immediately got applied as it is a good ranking factor. Check out the free theme.

Business listings are sometimes spelled as citation, which is a primary local SEO ranking factor. All brands must perform basic citation management and setup such as:

  • Creating a Google My Business Page.
  • Setting up business profiles on industry-related sites. 
  • Make sure that the NAP is used properly across the business profiles.

Domain Age 

The final ranking factor is not something you can handle, but it’s important to mention it. Domain age shows the age of your website and is considered a ranking factor. Though Goggle never said something like this, research has shown that people trust old websites more than new ones. 

Therefore, after launching a brand-new site, wait patiently as it will take time to rank. This will not happen overnight. With more effort and frequent SEO work, the site will improve its search ranking. Patience is a virtue.  SEO factors

Wrapping It All Up 

 Here you go with 6 SEO Factors You Need To Know When Doing SEO.  Now that you know about the SEO ranking factors, it is time to optimize your website. 

If you are creating new content or maybe optimizing some other, use this guide from the beginning to the end, as I am confident about the points mentioned above, which will definitely help you out. 

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