December 3, 2023


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All About Domenica in !

Domenica in

Domenica in

Domenica in: Mara Venier kicked off Sunday with “Nisi Si Pippo Baudo didn’t get very far”. Mara Venier launches its fourteenth edition in the Roy1 container on Sunday. The lines he underlined at the beginning of the first number of this issue.

Domenica Ying returns and Mara Venier always returns, a necessary presence on Roy 1’s Sunday show. Since her return four seasons ago, Mara Venier has never strayed from the stages of her most prestigious show, able to fit in the best situation based on her qualities as a fan.

The Marra veneer record on Sunday

But this year is also a record year. For Mara Venier, this is actually the fourteenth season of the show, before anyone else. At the opening of the show, the host wanted to remind him:

I have to thank Stefano Magnanesi and all the musicians. What can I say, this is the fourteenth time, today is obviously a lot of emotions, because who thought when I started almost 30 years ago: by the year 2023 it will be exactly 30 years since my first Sunday.
To applause from the studio, which also included her husband Nicola Carraro, Mara celebrated her record by comparing herself to the only television presenter to compete for the number of episodes of Venier Roy 1:

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Mara Venier returns to prime time in September, Sunday in the show Roy1 which kicks off the season
No conductor has done this, not even the great Pippo Baudo, whom I salute and hug, came on the 13th, I came on the 14th to be here again this year.
New theme in Sunday
The Register has not changed, but this edition of the Domenica Inn has a few new items, starting with the initials. After adapting Achille Laroche’s “Domenica” in the middle of last season, for this cover, Mara Venier commissioned friends and two Neapolitan composers like Andrea Sannino and Franco Riccardi to write a new theme for “Domenica in”. Published in this book. The first part.

Special guests

After a boom debut last week with Loretta Gogi, this time Aunt Mara brings in a famous actress like Stefania Sandrelli to repeat the success. The director and screenwriter will open up to the audience and, of course, host a documentary about his career and personal life, and then present a film directed by Corrado Cerona, Aqua and Anis, in which he stars. It is a nostalgic road movie as the 70-year-old modern star embarks on a journey through the places and people he loves most in his life. Mirko Casadei and his orchestra are also in the studio. Later journalist, director, author and former mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni, who will perform with Federica Cappelletti, wife of footballer Paolo Rossi, who died in December 2020, will present the film “Everything is perfect – Paolino’s story”. . . . . And Pablito tells the tale of the late Paolo Rossi in the original documentary.

Lots of hot topics for discussion

In fact, at the beginning we had Alberto Matano, Silvana Giacobini, Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the book “Elizabeth II – The Last Great Queen” and Enrico Francischini and London correspondent Marco Varvello and TG1 reporter Giorgia Cardinalet on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. After talking to Roberto D’Agostino, Vittorio Feltri, Simona Marchetti, director of Vanity Fair, Monica Leofreddi and Alex Nuccitelli, a legendary friend of the former Roma striker, about the rift between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi. Andrea Sannino and Franco Riccardi conclude with a new musical theme for Domenica Inn, entitled “An Exceptional Day”, accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Maestro Stefano Magnanens.

When and how to watch

The program will be broadcast as usual today, Sunday 18 September from 14:00 to 17:10 on Roy 1 and likely on Roy Play.