September 25, 2023

Amazon Blink cameras can work for up to four years

Amazon Blink cameras

Amazon Blink cameras

Amazon Blink cameras
Amazon Blink cameras

Blinks indoors and outdoors

Well, as long as you destroy the extended batteries. Not long ago, Amazon ended its range of home security cameras with the $ 35 Blink Mini, but apparently four months without a new version was too much. To end that smart device drought, the e-commerce giant recently unveiled a couple of new Blink cameras: Blink Indoor for $ 80 and Blink Outdoor for $ 100. (Guess where it should go).

As you probably guessed, the latter is the stronger of the two models – it’s waterproof and is expected to work in environments with temperatures between -4 ° F and 113 ° F. It doesn’t matter which version of the room you like, though. , you will be able to watch a 1080p broadcast with everything happening in a 110 ° field of view.

There are a few useful tricks to mention here: One, if you’ve placed one of these Blink cameras in high traffic areas, you can designate them as such in the attached app so your phone doesn’t get drowned in motion detection notifications. Because we are talking about Amazon, you will get full control over Alexa’s settings and routines. And now you have video storage options too – you can pay $ 3 / month per room (or $ 10 / month for unlimited cameras) to save videos to the Amazon cloud, or you can use USB flash drives and included Blink sync modules to keep all local images.

Like most previous Blink models, both the interior and exterior are powered by two AA batteries, which Amazon claims are enough to power them for two years. If that’s not enough, Amazon has confirmed that it will start selling an extended battery for Blink cameras that house four AA batteries instead of the usual two, which should last up to four years of total lifespan. This may be a stretch for some (especially since extended battery packs cost $ 30 each), but the added longevity could come in handy for people who have taken their moments off the road.

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