December 4, 2023


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Cardi b twerking Video on offset!

Cardi b twerking Video on offset

Cardi b twerking Video on offset

Cardi B continues to clash with conservative Twitter commentators over the border wall, the government shutdown and now the #MeToo movement and her new “Twerk” video.

In “Twerk,” Cardi’s new collaboration with rap duo City Girls, she and City Girls’ Jung take on Miami, painted from head to toe, surrounded by a troupe of dancers.

Cardi disapproved of a comment from Daily Caller columnist Stephanie Hamill, who tweeted an excerpt from the “Twerk” video, writing, “How does this empower women in the #meToo era? Left-handers @iamcardib feel free. Doorbell. Thank you..”

“It tells women they can wear and wear whatever I want (sic). Do what I want and NO still means NO,” Cardi replied. ““So Stephanie intervenes… does me squirming and half naked mean I deserve to be raped and abused? I’d like to know what a conservative woman like you thinks.”
Cardi’s tweet received support from celebrity fans on Twitter, with rapper Whale Hamill tweeting, “This makes no sense. You are incapable of such envious (sic) coordination and rhythm and please leave the stage. Thank you”.

Comedian Ronald Funchess responded on Twitter: “Yes! How fair is it to show a group of defenseless/wealthy women expressing sexual feelings on video without a single man?! Explain to me @iamcardib.” Cardi in support.

Cardi B performs at Z100’s 2018 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on December 7, 2018 in New York City.
Hamill defended his views in another tweet, writing, “This video and other videos like it are sexually offensive to women, which I believe hurts all women and the cause,” Cardi tweeted. “Maybe I’m a hater. Twerking”.

Cardi previously shut down Fox Nation contributor Tomi Laren, who derided Cardi as “the last brilliant political mind to support the Democrats” after Cardi criticized Trump on Instagram for ordering federal government employees to go back to work without pay.

“Leave me alone, I’ll take you with the dog,” the singer snapped against Laren on Sunday.

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