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Geometrics Engineering and Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Syllabus – GATE 2022

gate 2022 syllabus

gate 2022 syllabus

Gate 2022 syllabus: India has large needs in human resources with advanced capabilities in Ship Building Industries
and Geo-informatics, understanding the shortage the Indian Institute of Science and
Engineering has decided to add two new papers Geometrics Engineering and Naval Architecture
& Marine in GATE 2022.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) are tests conducted by the Indian Institute of
Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technologies from Roorkee, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur,
Chennai , Kharagpur and Mumbai on behalf of the National Coordination Board. GATE tests are
done primarily to analyse students’ comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate
subjects in engineering and science. Universities across India use the GATE test scores to
shortlist candidates for admissions to their Masters and PhD courses in the engineering and
technology stream.

IIT Kharagpur has officially announced the exam notification for GATE 2022 on their website.
Exams will be held on the 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th of February 2022 across India.
Till last year there were only 27 subjects, but this year authorities have added two new subjects
for candidates to choose.
The two new papers (GE and NM) will help graduates to learn more about the field.
A candidate can appear in up to two papers of the GATE 2022 examination. However, a
candidate can only select the second paper from the predefined list.

What are the Two Newspapers in the GATE exam?

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NM) is the Science and engineering of marine
machines. It involves the design, development, design evaluation, and calculation of all marine

Geomatics Engineering (GE) is an engineering subject that teaches the acquisition, modelling,
analysis and management of spatial data. gate 2022 syllabus

GATE 2022 Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NM) Syllabus

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NM) Syllabus 2022 have five sections Engineering
Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics and Marine Hydrodynamics, Naval Architecture and Applied
Mechanics and Structures, Thermodynamics and Marine Engineering, Ocean Engineering,.

GATE 2022 Syllabus for Geomatics Engineering (GE)

Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022 comprises of two parts
First section contains Engineering Mathematics, Remote Sensing, GNSS, GIS and Maps.
Land Surveying, Aerial Photogrammetry in Second Section with subsections of Data
Quantization and Processing, Radiometric and Geometric Corrections, Image Enhancement,
Image Transformation, Digital Image Processing, Image Segmentation and Classification.
GATE has also Revised Architecture and Planning (AR) Paper
Architecture and Planning (AR) tests have been revised this year with General Aptitude (GA)
section (15 Marks) as applicable for all papers of GATE 2022.
This subject question paper will have two parts covering the syllabus with Part A (60 marks) and
Part B (25 marks).
For all the candidates Part A is compulsory.
There are two optional sections in B Part: Part B1 (Architecture) and Part B2 (Planning).
Candidates can choose any one of their liking from Part B during the examination. No separate
score or ranking on a selection of sections. gate 2022 syllabus

Benefits of Passing GATE Exams

● Job opportunities: The main perk of passing the GATE exam is that it provides a lot of job
opportunities in both the PSU sector and private sector. Public Sector Undertakings like
BHEL, IOCL, ONGC, SAIL, NTPC, HPCL, PGCIL, BARC and over 200 more PSUs present in
the country and private companies like Google, Samsung, Tata, Maruti consider GATE
scores as criterion in their recruitment process.
● Research: If you are zealous about your subject and want to explore it in-depth, then
after the completion of your M.Tech or ME, you can also opt for research, Junior
Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. you can earn a hefty stipend and can do
outstanding and path-breaking research in your own country.
● Post Graduate from Top Notch Universities: If you clear GATE with a high score, the best
opportunity after the GATE exam is that you can go for M.Tech or ME in most prestigious
institutes like IITs, NIT or IISC.
● Foreign University Study: With a good score you can do an MS program in Singapore,
New Zealand & Germany.

GATE 2022 Application

Applicants should note that the applications for GATE 2022 will begin on 2 September and will
remain open till 24 September. Additionally, with a late fee, the application process will remain
open till 1 October. The editing process will start from 24 October till 1 November. However, the
last date to modify or edit any changes in the application form is till 12 November, and
applicants will have to pay an extra charge for it. Aspirants can apply by visiting the official
website once the process begins. gate 2022 syllabus

Eligibility criteria

A student studying in third or higher years of his undergraduate programme or who has already
completed any government-approved degree program in Engineering / Technology /
Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts.

Exam Pattern And Marking Scheme

● The GATE exams will be Computer-based tests with 3hr duration.
● The question paper consists of 3 sections: general aptitude, engineering mathematics,
and questions from the main subject which is computer science engineering.
● The weightage of marks for each section will be in such a way that 15 percent of
questions will be from general aptitude. Engineering mathematics questions will
constitute another 15 percent of the entire question paper. The Remaining 70 per cent
of the questions will be from computer science engineering.
● The questions paper will consist of one mark and two mark questions. There will be both
objective and numerical answer type questions.
● Deduction of marks for wrong answers will be ⅓ rd marks for one mark objective type
questions and ⅔ rd marks for two mark objective questions. Luckily, there won’t be any
negative marks for Numerical answer-type questions which are wrong.
GATE exams are really hard to crack and one needs to discipline oneself and start studying for
GATE NM and GE, as early as one can. If you are planning to take the GATE test in February
2022, Start your preparation at the earliest with mock tests, and relevant study materials. Entri
is a learning platform that provides a lot of video lessons for the candidates through which
students can prepare for entrance examinations more easily. Enrol now!

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