December 4, 2023


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Hands-on nature related activities for students

students school lms

students school lms

Students school lms: This world environment day was very significant because we had come to terms with what harmful effects the environment can have, and how it can provide for us at the same time. The pandemic was indeed a wonderful time to teach students about nature because they felt isolated and the only form of safe engagement activity involved going out in the open and avoiding contained spaces. Open spaces mean being close to nature.

The environment is the most important part of our life because it provides us with everything that we have, the necessities of food, shelter, and clothing come from the environment and even the advanced needs are either direct or indirect products of this same natural resource. The world must have become extremely digitalized, with all its tools in every field, also impacting the educational field through emerging school learning management systems. Yet institutions continue to promote valuing natural resources and activities.

Students can be taught about the environment and nature in different ways, but first, they learn about it through their parents. As children, they memorize the names of vegetables, fruits, plants, trees, different types of elements of nature, and so on. Although the process is slow they are slowly becoming familiarized. Advancing in other levels of the classroom they have subjects like environmental studies or value education where nature-related topics are taught. 

Another way to encourage students two value our nature and natural resources is by promoting and performing hands-on nature-based activities. After all commerce children learn the best through practical experience. This was not possible a few months ago because the pandemic was still at its peak and classes could not be held outside a school LMS. However, we have overcome the obstacle by following guidelines and taking the vaccination, and they can now go back to school. 

Here are some activities that children performed under the supervision of parents and teachers on this year’s world environment day; students school lms

Bug hunting

Most children these days are afraid of bugs, smaller insects, and rodents because they have never had real-life encounters with them and they know very less about their behaviors in a natural habitat. Although they can learn from a video or books, having an experience with a parent is the best way to learn about them. The present season is the best time to go bug hunting because it’s summer, the sunset sets a little late, and the humidity is just right to allow all different kinds of bugs to come out in the evening. In the process of looking at the bugs, they learn about their nature, which ecosystem they are most comfortable and, and get some fresh air.

Bug hunting is a great evening activity that does not require any expertise level, only patients to look around and focus. Instead of learning to be grossed out by them and killing a bug immediately at Its sight, children learn to understand the behavioral patterns of bugs and be kinder and gentler towards not only bugs but also people. Goodness is a wonderful quality to possess, especially when it is learned from nature.

Flower, leaf, and natural color art

Did you know that almost every color we use these days can be produced by using no chemicals, and directly from natural elements? Flowers, leaves, and other components of our environment are also extremely pigmented. We are lesser aware of them because curiosity has not taken the best of most of us. In the process of teaching children about the pigments, we can gather from nature, parents too learn a lot themselves. 

Bird spotting

Bird spotting is very different because it does not require children to go outside, and they can simply remain by their window and notice the features of every bird or animal that passes by. When children have nothing to do, they need to maintain their calm and remain productive, bird spotting can be a solution because it does not involve any technological means which is the most common approach to keeping children busy, and has many negative aspects. students school lms

When parents and teachers teach students about the environment, they are also teaching them about sustainability, and respect for natural processes or resources. Global climate change is drastic and its effects are long-lasting, but with proper education and a relationship with nature, the future generations can partake and contribute to saving our environment and earth.