December 9, 2023


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Hitman holla and cinnamon video twitter !

hitman holla and cinnamon video twitter

hitman holla and cinnamon video twitter

Hitman holla and cinnamon video twitter: Hitman Holla of Wild-N-Out posted a sex tape of him and his girlfriend Cinnamon doing some pretty obvious things. This video was posted by him. He took to social media to explain why he made the post and how it got leaked, saying, “I don’t disrespect my girlfriend and post things she doesn’t agree with or she doesn’t like.”

Apparently, if you’re on Hitman Holla’s close friends IG list, you can take a look at his sex life. Hitman and his girlfriend Cinnamon are very busy with their anniversary. He was so excited that he didn’t go “fans only” with this content, but shared it with his close friends on IG, and a not-so-faithful “friend” on the screen recorded the video and then shared it with the whole world. give

The video was so outrageous that Twitter was on fire. People noticed that he had small teeth, but called him “Pakin Pakin”. Check out what others are saying about Hitman Hola below.

Hitman Holla video leak is terrorizing the internet

The singer’s followers claim that this video is a joint clip of the two. Snapchat’s “close friends” list allows only select members of a group of people to see your personal story, usually in the form of a video or image. This list is curated by the person submitting this content.

Career details

So now that we know the life of Hitman Holla, let’s take a look at his career. According to sources, he is an athlete. As an athlete, he played several basketball games in high school. However, the music industry eventually called him.

He is a really great rapper and singer. So, his best songs are Tiff, Diddy Dum Dum, What They On etc. Moreover, he released his album Big Flex in September 2021. In addition, he has also participated in various rap battles. hitman holla and cinnamon video twitter

Hitman Holla’s girlfriend is cinnamon

Hitman Holla’s girlfriend is Cinnamon, an entrepreneur and social media influencer by profession. She is very active on her Instagram account with over 331,000 followers, mostly sharing her latest photos and videos with her fans. The couple often shares their relationship in public.

Cinnamon has her own YouTube channel where she shares her vlogs, her channel has over 185,000 subscribers. She owns a grocery business, a Cinny fashion store and a Cinny food cooking business. She earns good money through her profession.

Cinnamon’s net worth is not yet known and her boyfriend Hitman Holla’s net worth is also calculated, we will inform you more with latest updates.

How did this video get on the net?

According to our source, Hitman Holla shared his private video with a select group of friends, taking care to keep it private. However, someone recorded his story and posted it to the public. This video is now being shared by various users on Twitter. hitman holla and cinnamon video twitter


This is not the first time that hitman Hola is in the news because of his personal life. In fact, he has been in the news in the past for his relationships with other women. However, he first appears in the news because of his video with his current girlfriend.

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