December 8, 2023


Tech as it is.

How can I find out whether is down? By entering in the box above and pressing the “Check now” button, will contact to see whether they are down. Simply input the link, and our online website checker tool will run a new site status test on in real time.

Types of errors

There are a variety of reasons why a website may be unavailable. We aim to ping AND load the page, unlike other down checker services.

If ping fails, there might be a network problem, although this isn’t always the case.
Ping failed, but a valid http status was returned: the site is reachable, however ping failed due to server settings.
Ping succeeds, but no proper http status is returned: there is no network issue here; instead, an application-level error might be to blame.
No valid http status: An HTTP status of 400 indicates that the server was unable to fulfil the request.
Because certain websites restrict, we report them as unavailable when they are actually available. We have no control over it; only those websites have the ability to unblock us. We’ve taken precautions to avoid overburdening other sites with inspections.
Occasionally, we receive mixed results or our queries are timed out. We can’t be certain if a site is up or not in such instances. Troubleshooting Tips’s URL should be double-checked. It’s not always a typo.
Is a http or https website? They are not interchangeable, and some websites do not support both.
Check that your connection isn’t down by going to major websites like and
Do you use a VPN or a proxy to access the internet? Switch it off and give it a second chance.
Check your DNS settings and have your hosting provider check on your server if is your domain.