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How long is doki doki literature club

How long is doki doki literature club

How long is doki doki literature club

How long is doki doki literature club: Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! A simple game with a colorful exterior but a deep cover is a mentally scary game.

However, the game can sometimes be confusing as to how long it will take to defeat Doki Doki Literature Club Plus. To answer a difficult question.

Hopefully this quick guide will give you an overview of what you need to do to complete the game, so listing your ambitious plans as a Book Club Honors Club should not be left out instantly.

How long did the main story last?

If you are new to DDLC, your first playthrough may take 3-4 hours and each subsequent playthrough may take 2-3 hours depending on your reading ability.

However, in terms of fun, I recommend tying the knot on your first play through as the game offers a lot of twists. You must achieve all the results to win the Platinum Trophy, so you do not have to take your first run very seriously.

How long will the side stories last?

Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! There are six linear side stories to explore, which are divided into two parts. After completing all six side stories, the final story becomes available, ending with the side stories.

These new stories are centered around the past and you have no dialogue options because your character is not involved in the fight.

Side stories are only available through the main game and I recommend getting a good ending to the main storyline as this is the fastest way to unlock six episodes.

How long has Doki Doki Plus Literature Club been around! Platinum?

I haven’t won platinum yet, but in front of me it’s just a trophy. But, without a doubt, the biggest concern is the Breakthrough Trophy, which requires achieving 100% data collection.

If you want to track how much data you have already collected, go to Settings on your computer desktop and look to the right to display how much data you have collected.

If you do not miss the dialogues when you first see the main article and side stories, Platinum takes about 8-12 hours. However, I can easily see a drastic reduction at this point due to the opening of the shortcuts.

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