December 3, 2023


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How to ensure your relationship is healthy right from the very beginning?

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Sex toys for men

If you have had a few successful dates and you think that you may have found a new potential partner that you’d like to pursue further, then this article is worth a read. After a few unsuccessful relationships, the thought of committing to somebody new can be petrifying. Panic not. Just be accepting of the fact that your past is in the past and that with an open mind and the right approach, you can indeed build a healthy relationship. Let’s start at the beginning.

1.     Set realistic expectations

It’s perfectly natural to start picturing yourself in the future with a new person but slow your roll mate! Gloss over the thought of what life might be like if you have kids with this new person by all means, but also remember that you barely know them and that there’s a lot of road left.

Set realistic expectations and take each day as it comes. In the same breath, don’t you dare try to change them. Take them as they are or move on.

2.     Be completely open and honest about your feelings

Start as you mean to go. This means you need to be completely open about your feelings and desires from day one. Sure, don’t go talking about your intention to build your collection of sex toys for men on a first date, but in the same-breath, don’t suppress your sexuality either.

If you want a healthy and happy relationship, then you cannot keep any secrets from your prospective partner. Worst case scenario you scare them off and don’t end up living a lie, best case scenario they are open to the idea and have just as many kinks as you do.

3.     Be flexible and leave room to grow

Reflect on previous relationships and consider things that perhaps you should have done differently. A new relationship is an opportunity to re-invent yourself, so remain flexible and open to the idea of growth.

4.     Stop speaking to other prospects ASAP

It’s not uncommon for there to be a little over-flow when starting a new relationship. But, if you have been flirting with other people and yet really want to pursue this one special person in particular, then break ties with everyone else immediately. In order for your new relationship to grow healthily, in the appropriate manner, you need to be all in.

5.     Maintain balance in your life

It’s unhealthy to throw yourself into a new relationship and neglect every other aspect of your life. Yes, it’s not uncommon to want to spend all of your time with someone new, but you need to make room to nurture your existing relationships. Don’t neglect your friends, your hobbies, or your self-care. Make time for the important things in your life and build your new relationship around them. It’s all about balance.

Be yourself

The only way that a new relationship can really grow and become a genuinely healthy and mutually beneficial partnership is if you are your most authentic self. So, be true to who you are and don’t try and pretend otherwise. Healthy relationships are made up of real people!