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How to Resolve Outlook Not Working in Windows 10 Issue?

outlook rule not working

outlook rule not working

Outlook rule not working: Windows 10 is an operating system that almost every user of the computer has and is enjoying the advanced service that it provides. Microsoft Windows is commendable and needs to be praised as it has continued to improve upon its service. Every operating system that they had released in the past was good, there is no denying it, but with this one Windows has outdone themselves. Windows 10 is mostly used by office-going users or working professionals, as it was designed to help them perform better.

With this operating system, they also made a communicative system of Outlook for the office workers to interact with each other effectively. However, mostly both these systems complement each other perfectly well, sometimes, users complain about Outlook not working in Windows 10. This can cause a problem for the users in their work and be a barricade in the progress of their work and career. Outlook is rather new to the game and has garnered tremendous success in the field that they are operating. It helps the users to come together in the group chats and you can see each other’s current status, whether you’re present, busy or unavailable. However, all this can only be used if your outlook is working in Windows 10.

Why is your Outlook not working in Windows 10?

Before you know how you can solve this problem of Outlook not Opening in Windows 10, you must be well aware of what has caused it. There are several reasons why your Outlook is not working in Windows 10 and let’s look at them briefly;

  • One reason which people tend to ignore is that you may not be connected to the Internet. People sometimes can be too busy trying to connect to Outlook but forget to check if they are connected to the Internet or Wifi.
  • Another reason why you might not be able to connect your Outlook with Windows 10 is that your system is not working under compatibility mode. So, on your computer, turn the compatibility mode on and then use Outlook.
  • Maybe your Windows 10 has accumulated a lot of viruses and that is stopping it from connecting to Outlook.

How to Connect your Outlook with Windows 10?

Now, that you know a few of the primary reasons why your Outlook would not connect with Windows 10. You should know what to do when Outlook not loading in Windows 10. In these below-given steps, we will let you know about how one can fix this problem of Outlook not working with Windows 10;

  • First, connect your Windows 10 operating system laptop or computer to the Internet. Remember, if you are not connected to the Internet or Wifi, you will not be able to use Outlook anyway.
  • Make sure that you are using your Windows 10 with Outlook with enabled Compatibility. This is a mistake that users make frequently and continue to use Windows 10 without compatibility. This can be done easily by just going onto the properties make sure you turn on “Run this program in compatibility mode”.
  • Another method that you can use is that use Antiviruses and clear all the viruses and malwares that your Windows 10 computer has collected over time. This helps the computer to use all the programs and applications without any problem, this includes Outlook in Windows 10.
  • To solve this problem of Outlook not working in Windows 10 you can choose to shift the DPI settings. To do this, you must click on the right side of your desktop. This will take you to the display settings and you will be able to shift the setting. Once your Display Settings window shows on your desktop, now you must shift the slider to the extreme left side, until and unless it shows 100% on your screen. Once you have completed that, sign off from your Windows 10 and then log in again. Then you attempt to start Outlook and check if the problem is resolved.

Bottom Line

These solutions will definitely solve the problems you are facing while using Outlook with Windows 10. Now, we have shared all the reasons why your Outlook might not be connecting to Windows 10 and how you can solve this problem. Using any one of these methods you will be able to use your Outlook in Windows 10.

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