JioMeet is basically a copy of Zoom



Zoom has taken over the world of video conferencing since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic. Many other companies have recognized and started offering or improving their own video calling services – check out Google Meet, Duo, Microsoft Teams, and more. The Indian telecommunications company Reliance also wants a piece of cake and has introduced its own video conferencing approach with JioMeet in to market.

The features and user interface of JioMeet application in very user friendly i could explain it , but it depends If you know Zoom on Android, you will almost certainly feel at home with JioMeet app. The user interface, text strings, and UX conventions are heavily inspired by the King video call – read the following Twitter thread. However, the monetization strategy is different. While Zoom blocks some features behind a subscription, JioMeet is initially completely free. You can hold an unlimited number of password-protected conferences with up to 100 people in 720p HD quality, calls can take up to 24 hours, there is multi-device connection and seamless switching support, and you can also activate waiting rooms. This allows you to manually select who can register for your call.jiomeet

Sure, there are so many ways to create a video conferencing service, but the similarities between JioMeet and Zoom are only very surprising. If you compare this with other video chat apps like Google Meet, Skype or Microsoft teams, you will see very different approaches despite apps with the same

JioMeet is available for Android and iOS as well as for normal desktop operating systems. Over 100,000 installations have already been collected in the Play Store, so the application appears to be gaining considerable traction, probably particularly in India.

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