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kikyo inuyasha and kagome Love Triangle ?

kikyo inuyasha and kagome

kikyo inuyasha and kagome

Love triangles often compete between the participants. pulls viewers into a more complex romantic conflict. The love triangle has become the source of heartache and heated debate among fans.

Anyone who’s been watching Inuyasha on Adult Swim until 3am knows how disappointing it is to watch Kagome and Kikyo, the two main characters, fight for Inuyasha. that both lovers The romantic conflict between the three characters is the prime subplot of the series. But how did this love triangle form? and why are they controversial?

How did the three meet?

500 years before the era of Kagome Kikyo and Inuyasha have a romantic relationship and promise to run away and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, their romance did not end happily. Demon Naraku causes Inuyasha and Kikyo to fight each other. Inuyasha is sealed believing that Kikyo betrayed him. and Kikyo dies believing that Inuyasha betrayed him. His dying request was to burn him along with the spiritually powerful Shikon Jewels.

Kikyo is reincarnated as Kagome. Born 500 years after Kikyo’s death, Kagome meets Inuyasha and grows closer every day as they travel together and fight enemies. Increased feelings for each other But the memories of his first love, Kikyo, still hurt him. Then the necromancer revives Kikyo…that’s about it. His body was revived and able to move and speak. But his original spirit did not return. Because now his soul is in Kagome’s body. Kikyo’s return stirs Inuyasha’s feelings and makes Kagome jealous.

Just pick one

It was extremely disappointing to see the growing relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome. and trust gradually It’s gone every time Kikyo goes on stage. Whenever Kikyo is nearby Inuyasha turned his attention to him. Inuyasha follows Kikyo, leaving Kagome sad and abandoned, 90% of the fight between Inuyasha and Kagome is because she likes Kikyo more than him.
Kagome turned furious and ran back to her house. While Inuyasha stood there dumbfounded, he didn’t understand why he felt this way. It seems that both Kagome and Inuyasha have taken one step forward and two steps back in developing their love due to his uncertain feelings for that woman. kikyo inuyasha and kagome

jealousy and hatred

There are many tense moments between Kagome and Kikyo throughout the show. He is a love rival for Inuyasha’s love. Kagome was jealous of Kikyo because Kikyo was Inuyasha’s first love. And she knows she can’t replace Kikyo or make Inuyasha forget about her. He envies their past and thinks that Inuyasha would prefer him more than Kikyo. Kikyo hates Kagome because she believes that Kagome took her place and stole Inuyasha from her.
They have a lot in common. (including spirituality and love), but the greatest difference between them is humanity. Kikyo was so bitter and disliked by Kagome that he once tried to kill her so nothing would stand between him and Inuyasha. and has even saved her life many times


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