December 4, 2023


Tech as it is.

Know More About ? is a website that displays leaderboards for various games and activities.
It was created by a player named Plancke (Karma and hypixel credits).

It includes player statistics, a calculator, friends, weaponry, and achievements,
as well as the ability to search for a guide and username. General, Guide, Arcade,
Blitz, Cops and cCimes, Duels, Megawalls, legacy, mash heroes, Speed UHC, UHC, TNT games,
Skywars, Warlords, Classic games, Bed wars, and Murder Mystery are some of the different
sorts of leadership boards. Every form of leadership board has imojis.
It includes boosters for each game with a timer. It also offers statistics on punishment.

How can I know if I’m a member of Hypixel Skyblock?

Member who is well-known The “First Joined” tab can be found by going to your PLANCKE (click).

Is it possible to see when he joined Hypixel?

The “First Joined” tab can be found by going to your PLANCKE (click).

When I first joined Hypixel, how did I see?

By browsing to and entering your username,
you can view your first login and stats for games on the server!

What Is The Next Step In The Hypixel Battle?

Battle Pass was a pay-to-play progression system that rewarded players with cosmetic
rewards as they progressed through stages. On May 6, 2019, it was added to the in-game store.
It cost 399 Gold and could be purchased from the in-game store.

What Is The Hypixel Battle Pass For Season 1?

It was only a gimmick unlock system. There was a free and a paid level; most of the content,
including the IIRC suffixes, came from the paid level. In general, I’m thinking Fortnite
/ Apex / Battle Royales. You have a limited amount of time and levels to complete.

What Is The Procedure For Obtaining A Hypixel Battle Pass?

On the Hypixel server, the PASS provides free level awards that every player can obtain.
Purchase the Battle Pass to gain access to over 100 more rewards and weekly quests!
The Battle Pass may be purchased for 399 gold from the in-game store!

In HyPixel, how do you unlock states?

Players with the rank of MVP++ have access to almost all stats, while some can be unlocked through events, battle passes, or unique roles. The status menu may be accessible via the hotbar lobby’s profile menu, and it can be fitted at any moment.

Is Fight Royale available on HyPIXEL?

Battle Royale is a game.

How Do You Get To Hypixel’s Tournament Room?

NERD Forum is onl way to enter the hall if a tournament is currently taking place or
is about to begin. When they do, it will be open to the public.