December 7, 2023


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Know more About prankhotline com !

Prankhotline com

Prankhotline com

Prankhotline com : Making two phones call each other is a classic prank that never fails to make people laugh. Your friends and family will have no idea it was you who set them up for the prank, and you can listen in on their chat as they try to figure out who really phoned who.

There are only a few easy stages to this trick. All you have to do is go to a website that lets you to enter two phone numbers, their contact information, and have them call each other without your knowledge. Then, while you’re waiting for them to pick up the phone, listen in on their discussion!
This prank will undoubtedly drive them mad while also providing you with a nice laugh. Make sure you take your camera with you so you can record all of the action! It’s a rather simple prank to execute, but it may be highly effective in terms of eliciting the proper emotion from your intended victims.

Prankhotline is the website for you if you’re seeking for a means to fool your buddies! You can make two phones call each other with a few mouse clicks and watch the craziness develop. They have an easy-to-use UI. Simply visit our website, enter the phone numbers of the people you want to prank, and then click “send this prank call.” They’ll link the two phones together so that the victims believe they’re receiving a call from each other.

You can use our site from anywhere in the world as long as both phones are linked to the internet, so your buddies on the other side of the nation or across the ocean are still fair game!

PrankHotline is an app that allows you to make automated prank calls. Prank Hotline is delighted to welcome you! Send your buddies pre-recorded prank calls and watch their reactions in real time! To get started, pick a prank to mail! You agree to our Terms of Service by using the site. Start pranking now! Choose a prank to send to a friend that has already been recorded.

Tokens can be purchased or earned. You’ll win 200 free tokens if you screen record the 2 phones prank and explain how to use it on tik tok. We’ll see it if you use the hashtag #2phones. 1 (phone) You’ll be able to locate The111.