September 21, 2023

Know more about selene delgado lopez !

Selene delgado lopez missing

Selene delgado lopez missing

Selene delgado lopez missing or Selen Delgado refers to the urban legend of the missing person. This initially fascinated crime lovers before it was revealed that “Selena Delgado” never existed. The case was exacerbated by a scam in 2020, when a woman named “Celine Delgado” made friends with many people on Facebook. This led some to wonder if the same person had disappeared. finally, there is evidence that Delgado is a prank created by Channel 5. An image of Selena Delgado used by Channel 5 in the summer of 2022 began using video game mods.

Selene delgado lopez missing

Mexican television Channel 5 (Channel 5) had a segment in the 1990s and early 2000s called “Al seva de la communidad” (English: in the service of the community) that featured the work of the host. One of them was Selena Delgado Lopez (see below) [5], and this case impressed the true lovers of crime.
In the 1990s and 2000s, the Mexican TV channel Canal 5 aired a program called “Servicio a la Comunidad” that featured missing persons with audio describing each person, one of which was “Selen Delgado López”. accompanied by an image. The alleged 18-year-old disappeared on 22 April due to the poor quality of photographs he shared with a delegation from Alvaro Obregon. People began to theorize about Selena Delgado (some say the image was created by artificial intelligence) and eventually she became a well-known Mexican urban legend.

The Nextbot image is not from the stream. Instead, it’s a sketch of Baton Rouge serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. Although not her original image, the Nextbot chase mod for Gary’s mod also uses Selena’s face.
Who is Selena Delgado Lopez?
That’s where things are going in Strangeville. Who is behind the original Selena Delgado Lopez account set up to continue the scam? And, of course, many accounts have done their homework. Instead of choosing fake names, they chose names from urban legends on the internet.

Apparently, Selen Delgado Lopez is a Mexican woman who disappeared 30 years ago and appeared in the Missing Persons section during a commercial on a Mexican TV channel.

A group of early morning videos were recently posted online and then taken down again. Apparently, this was part of the channel’s marketing campaign. These things must be creepy. This should tempt your spine. And they seem to.

And once again, Selena Delgado Lopez is back in the spotlight of the media. It seems that online accounts have begun to appear in his name. All with the same photograph of an unknown woman. If you know who this woman or the woman in question is, please contact me.

What is Selena Delgado Lopez’s FB account?

Selena’s Facebook page shows a smiling woman with short hair wearing an orange sweater. The description states that he lives in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, no other information is known about him.

Is “Selena Delgado Lopez” real?

Selena Delgado Lopez disappeared in Mexico almost 30 years ago. Lopez’s name has become part of a Mexican urban legend. The creator of the viral fake Selene account seems to be well aware of this myth.

According to Mashable, Celine was mentioned in the Missing Persons section during an announcement by Mexican news channel Canal 5.

It is alleged that Channel 5 was trying to make people think that Selen Delgado Lopez is more than an urban legend. It’s all part of the news channel’s new publicity stunt.

Channel 5 even posted a video of Selena’s false statement before removing it. The horrifying video was posted on the social network at 3 am.
This strategy seems to be working for Channel 5. It is popular on many social networks around the world.

It is believed that all of Selena’s scam accounts came about after Channel 5 went viral.

This story proved that people all over the world need to be aware of social media and technology in order to stop the spread of fake news, scams and stupid conspiracy theories.

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