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Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova !

mario arturo moreno ivanova

mario arturo moreno ivanova

Mario Moreno-Reyesbetter Also known as “Cantinflas”, was a Mexican actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian famous for that country’s Golden Age of cinema. Mexico really exists. with this character And through him, Moreno Reyes has had a long and successful film career. even took him to Hollywood.

In 1939, during World War II, the film industry in the United States and Europe was hit hard. This led to the emergence of a new generation of directors and actors in other parts of the world, such was the case with the golden age of Mexican cinema known as Cantinflas. The country’s cinemas have become the center of commercial cinema in Latin America, and here Spanish is spoken.

Cantinflas and his partner Valentina Ivanova adopted Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanov.
It is said that Cantinflas cannot have children. So they decided to adopt a child with their Russian partner, Valentina Ivanova, named Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova. The child is believed to be the result of Moreno’s relationship. Reyes and an American woman named Marion Roberts are distraught over her economic problems. and demanded that “Cantin Flas” take care of her since she was a small one.

likewise There is a version that Mario Moreno often visited Marion Roberts in the United States when she was pregnant. It was rumored that the actress offered her $ 10,000 upon delivery and kept the baby herself. The American later attempted to return her son, but Cantinflas told her that the little boy already had paperwork in his name and his wife’s name. As a result, Roberts became depressed and committed suicide.

It was rumored that Cantinflas had paid Moreno’s biological mother, Ivanova, $10,000 to keep the child.
The story told by Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanov is different. His father said that he met his mother in a hotel in the United States and they fell in love at first sight. The girl became pregnant, and according to Moreno Ivanova, “Cantinflas and Roberts never lost contact. They continued to see each other even after Mario Arturo gave birth. The Mexican comedian’s son also said that he remembered the anniversary of his mother’s death. And even his father was looking for him to take him to the funeral.

Mario Moreno Ivanov’s life has been surrounded by scandals and rumors since his birth. As Cantinflas’ wife was known to be barren, two versions of his biological parents were released. One of these theories alleged that the actor almost snatched the child from the hands of his mother, who was unable to defend herself due to financial difficulties.

The version about the origin of Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanov, who gained great power, was protected by a significant part of the actor’s family and was supported by others in the artistic environment: it was assumed that Cantinflas’s son was Adopted child of the comedian . Because he and his wife Valentina Ivanova are barren.

Mario Arturo’s real mother was Marion Roberts, an American woman with severe financial difficulties who turned to Cantinflas for help while in Texas. The actress agreed to help her and visit her periodically to see her progress until she had children.

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