December 8, 2023


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Regal city north imax & 4dx !

regal city north imax & 4dx

regal city north imax & 4dx

Regal City North Stadium helps you plan, coordinate, and host your business meeting or event at our theater in Chicago, Illinois. Big screens, surround sound, stunning HD quality and comfortable stadium seating means your event in Chicago will reach and captivate your audience like no other environment. Rent a Regal City North cinema in Chicago and give your guests an unforgettable experience! Contact us today to explore many options. Click here for our Chicago event schedule.

Regal Business Events products and services;

Event Planning and Management – Custom events consultants in Chicago can help you create the perfect event. Your event consultant will help you with planning, management, logistics, audiovisual needs, programming, catering and more. Details will not be released at the next conference or meeting in Chicago.

Concierge Service and Meeting Scheduling – Choose a dedicated business event meeting manager to ensure everything runs smoothly for your event in Chicago. Your meeting manager can oversee guest arrivals, check-ins, distribution of materials after the event, and more.

Meeting Equipment – Traditional business events provide everything from tablecloths and towels to exhibition booths and reception areas.

Advertising tool. Promote and celebrate your Regal City North Chicago Theater event with private label products and comprehensive services including event invitations, online receiving, delivery and catering, and more.

Dates and movies. After your event in Chicago, treat the crowd with a special screening of films currently in production.

Have an idea about the event? From now on! Watch the video above to see more of the features that make Regal City North Stadium 14 Chicago the best event or conference for you and your guests!

We are proud to be part of the Northeast Ohio professional theater landscape. Our partners include Playhouse Square, Cleveland Playhouse, Dobama Theatre, and the Great Lakes Theatre, and Beck Center has an agreement with the Actors Guild. We employ acting professionals in Northeast Ohio, including members of Actors’ Equity. SSpecifically, we are a small professional theater (SPT) based on seating capacity, number of performances and as many hours per artist per week. We are also a production theater. We create each show on our own stage, which means we select, create and rehearse shows, create sets, props and costumes, manage and perform music and lighting with regional resources and sound design and talent. This is our valuable support. Thank you for supporting Live Theatre!

Our season of professional theater is packed with the eclectic lineup of titles you’d expect, including a thriller starring a Hollywood movie star, a version of the hit family musical, and the ninth musical theater collaboration with Baldwin Wallace. University gives. This great mix of music and performances is as varied as any season in the NE Ohio community.

It is our great honor and pleasure to accompany you on your theatrical journey every season. Your generous support enables Beck Center to produce dynamic, high-quality, and diverse theatrical productions that are loved by audiences and critics alike.

Single tickets that include Smart SeatsĀ® are now on sale!

The Pass and Flex packages are on sale now.

Season brochure (PDF).

Ads (with direct links) on Beck’s professional theater program.

Do you offer student discounts on theater tickets? We offer student discounts. and for students under 23 with a valid ID. Call 216-521-2540 for support.

Do you offer senior citizen discounts on theater tickets? Yes, for retirees over 65 years old. Be prepared to show identification when purchasing your ticket. Call 216-521-2540 for support.

2022-2023 professional theater season ticket prices;

Ticket prices are $38 (adults), $34 (65 and over), $17 for students with valid ID, and $12 for children 12 and under.

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