September 25, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex gets Intel 5G and 11th Gen processors

galaxy book flex

galaxy book flex

galaxy book flex

It’s only been a few months since Samsung released its Galaxy Book Flex 2-in-1, but it’s already updating the car. It will launch a model that includes the new 11th generation Intel processors and is compatible with 5G and WiFi 6.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Book Flex 5G meets the requirements of the Intel Evo initiative (formerly known as Project Athena). These include a near-instant wake-up and at least nine hours of battery life on laptops with 1080p displays.

It is the first Samsung laptop with a 13MP camera aimed at the world; If you thought people taking pictures with tablets are annoying, wait until they take pictures with their laptops. There’s also a 720p front-facing camera for all the Zoom calls you’ll be making until the end of time, along with a built-in S Pen that you can use on the 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen. At 1.26kg, the Galaxy Book Flex 5G isn’t very strong either.

This time around, the laptop should have “more efficient battery life,” according to Samsung. However, it is not clear what this means in practice. Like the first model, the Galaxy Book Flex 5G has a 69.7 Wh battery. In May, the original Galaxy Book Flex was said to provide up to 20 hours of operation. When Engadget ran some battery tests for our overall positive review, that figure was closer to 13 1/2 hours.

That said, Evo-certified laptops must have a fast-charging dock that provides batteries with at least four hours of power after just 30 minutes of charging. Hopefully this has prompted Samsung to make some front-of-the-battery improvements here. However, you may have to wait to find out if this is the case. At this time, there is no information on availability or pricing in the US.

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