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mac mini apple tv

mac mini apple tv

mac mini apple tv: Following the launch of the Apple TV + service in November 2019 and the arrival of the Apple Arcade gaming service, the time has come for Apple to launch a new Apple TV. So the news that a new Apple TV is underway is welcome.

The lack of a new and improved Apple TV, or at least a cheaper one, is staggering, given the amount of money Apple has spent creating content for the new TV service. Here’s what the current Apple TV lineup looks like:

Apple TV 4K – Released September 2017, it is powered by the A10X Fusion chip found in the 2017 iPad Pro models and is based on the A10 chip used in the 2016 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Starting at £ 179 / $ 179.

Apple TV HD: An even less powerful model than 4K, Apple TV HD was released in 2015 and has the A8 chip found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (dating from 2014). From 149 GBP / 149 USD.

Although it is true that Apple TV does not need the same processing power as the iPhone and iPad, where it is possible to use more demanding applications with extreme graphic requirements. It seems wrong that Apple didn’t develop the hardware while promoting Apple TV as a game console thanks to Apple Arcade (released September 2019). The fact that Apple has not aligned the Apple TV with other devices in its range is disappointing.

So once we’ve determined that Apple needs to address performance differences in Apple TV hardware, when is the new Apple TV likely to appear?

Before trying to answer this question, is it possible to never see a new Apple TV? Could Apple Disrupt Apple TV? Do we need streaming tapes now that most TVs are connected to the internet and have their own apps, so that users can access Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Apple + TV on some models?

Will Apple launch a new Apple TV?

We think Apple is unlikely to discontinue its tape stream, given its attempt to take over Netflix and Amazon with its on-demand TV service. However, Apple may choose to partner with TV manufacturers and other set-top box manufacturers, such as Samsung, who offer the Apple TV app on multiple TVs. Here you can read about the different devices that support the Apple TV app.However, we don’t just have to guess Apple’s plans for Apple TV; there is real evidence to suggest that a new version of Apple TV will be released in 2020.

In February 2020, 9to5Mac noticed that the files in tvOS 13.4 beta referred to the codename T1125. This could be a new Apple TV. The two Apple TV models which are available are code named J105a and J42d.The same site later revealed that an older version of iOS 14 indicated that a new Apple remote is also running.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also hopes to see a new Apple TV this year. He released a Periscope video on April 21 in which he revealed that he thinks a new Apple TV will be released this year.So while Apple TV may not be the only device you can stream new Apple shows on, it appears that Apple will upgrade its set-top box to what will be the sixth generation of the device (if it counts), rather than disrupting the device. The next question is when …

Release day

According to Prosser (above), the new Apple TV is now ready for delivery. In fact, it was ready for shipment in May. Sure, Apple had good reason to stop launching in an unusual year. However, perhaps the company has decided to stick with a better chip: Prosser has indicated that the new Apple TV will have an A12X chip, which is the same chip that is used in the iPad Pro 2018, but perhaps the whole of Apple will have reason. view bigger than this.

As we will discuss below, there is an expectation that the new Apple TV will work with an A14 chip, such as the iPhone 12. If this is the case, it would make sense to launch it alongside or after the iPhone 12 on September 15, 2020.

Alternatively, Apple could launch the new Apple TV without hosting a major event.Here’s an overview of when Apple released new Apple TVs in the past. The fifth generation Apple TV appeared in September 2017, three years ago, but this is not the time at all compared to some of the expectations we have endured. Here’s when each of the models came out:
Falling prices. One change we would like to see is a price change.

Now you can get a 4th generation 32GB Apple TV for £ 149 / $ 149; buy it from Apple here. This model was launched in October 2015 – it’s an extremely high price for a four-year-old device, and as mentioned above, it runs on the A8 chip that Apple could stop next year.

The newest Apple TV 4K (September 2017) currently sells for £ 179 / $ 179 (with 32GB of storage) or £ 199 / $ 199 (64GB); you can buy one from Apple here. (We have this round of the best Apple TV deals.)

These prices are very high compared to dongles like Amazon Stick Fire (from £ 39.99) and Google Chromecast (from £ 30) and Roku offers (from £ 39.99). Since Fire and Roku also have access to Apple TV + content, you might be wondering what Apple TV has that these cheaper dongles don’t … (More on that below).

Apple TV doesn’t just cost a lot more than other devices. Will people really be kind enough to pay more than £ 150 for a box if they also have to pay a monthly subscription for the new Apple TV service and Apple Arcade gaming subscription service to get the most out of the hardware? We think not! Currently, you’ll get at least a one-year subscription to Apple TV + if you buy one, but that’s not a huge price incentive.

Apple may offer a cheaper Apple TV dongle to compete with the Fire Stick and Google Chromecast. A dongle could help the company get to the table with its new video streaming service. An article on the information in November 2018 claimed that Apple actually considered such a move. We’d love a smaller Apple TV, plugged directly into the back of our TV (which hangs on the wall and has no room for side boxes, and we’re sure we’re not alone with a TV like that).

But it doesn’t have to be a smaller Apple TV, Apple could continue to sell current models at a lower price. In the recent past, Apple sold Apple TV for GBP 99 / USD 99 (until 2014), so the price reduction at this level would not be completely devoid of character. In fact, Apple even lowered the price of that box to $ 79 GBP / $ 69 at one point.However, we would like to see the price below GBP 79 / USD 69, given the lower prices of the previous competition (for example, GBP 39 / USD 39).


With new services now starving on Apple TV, such as the Apple Arcade game subscription service and the HomeKit Secure Video service, Apple TV appears to benefit from a next-generation processor, like the A14, which is expected to arrive with the iPhone 12 later. in 2020.

In fact, a Bloomberg report from September 1, 2020 suggested that Apple is offering Apple TV a faster processor “for enhanced games.” However, the report indicates that the new Apple TV may not launch until 2021.

Prosser, on the other hand, suggests that the new Apple TV will have an A12X chip, which is the same chip used in the 2018 iPad Pro.

There is evidence that Prosser may be right about the processor: files found in the tvOS 13.4 beta code in February indicated that the new hardware considered to be a new Apple TV will be based on the arm64e architecture, which is the same as that used by Bionic. Chips A12 and A13.

We could also see one of the T-series chips made by Apple and Apple TV, perhaps powering Siri.

If Apple decided to use an A14 chip that would allow for much better graphics performance and up to 6GB of RAM, according to the Mac 9to5 report mentioned above.

Largest disk drive

Given the 4K capabilities of the latest Apple TV, I felt like it was likely to allocate more storage space, but it comes in 32GB and 64GB models instead, just like the fourth-gen model. . In fact, 4K movies can only be streamed, not downloaded, much to the chagrin of many Apple TV owners who don’t want to be forced to stream a movie they own.

We expect Apple to add a 128GB offering at some point and a 256GB version may be added. Beware, we suspect Apple customers don’t need as much as they tend to stream content and store content on iCloud. Rumors suggest that the new model will offer 64GB or 128GB storage options.


Reports suggest the new Apple TV could get HDMI 2.1, which offers a low-latency auto mode that can adjust a TV’s settings to better display fast-moving content without any lag.
A new remote control

Based on the 9to5Macs report mentioned above, there appears to be a new Apple Remote working at Apple; Evidence has been found in iOS 14 beta.

Bloomberg’s Sept. 1 report also indicates that there will be an updated remote. Hopefully Apple reviewed the remote. We don’t like the Apple TV remote at the moment. Apple’s theory is that having a lot of buttons makes it difficult to use a remote, which is fair enough, but Apple’s remote is tricky to use. It’s called the Siri remote, because you should use Siri to control the Apple TV rather than the remote itself, but we’re not really convinced about the idea of controlling everything with our voice. Unfortunately, the buttons aren’t easy to locate without looking down on the remote, and the touch-sensitive touchpad area on top of the remote is too small to be really useful. In fact, the remote control itself is too small to hold comfortably.

But most of us have lost the remote anyway and rely on our iPhones to control our Apple TV …

Incidentally, the Bloomberg report (above) suggests that Apple is working on a feature for the new remote control similar to Find My iPhone that would make it easier to find the TV accessory. We’ve been waiting for the Find My Remote feature for some time and it seems our prayers are being answered.

The new Apple TV may contain a number of new hardware features, which we introduce in the next section. Even existing Apple TV models will benefit from software updates, with regular updates from tvOS, the version of iOS that runs on Apple TV. These are some of the new features that we would love to see on Apple TV.

Mac mini Apple TV

mac mini apple tv: Following the launch of the Apple TV + service in November 2019 and the arrival of the Apple Arcade gaming service, the time has come for AppleWe always thought it would be great if Apple combined Mac mini with Apple TV so that you can have a multimedia center in your living room with all the functions of Mac and Apple TV.

Once the TV app arrives on the Mac, this feature is probably already available on the Mac mini and all other Macs. Any Mac can connect to a TV display, and the TV + service runs on that device.

HomePod Apple TV Combo

mac mini apple tv : Following the launch of the Apple TV + service in November 2019 and the arrival of the Apple Arcade gaming service, the time has come for AppleThis is another possibility, especially in light of the news that Apple has switched the HomePod’s software from iOS to tvOS, according to a report from 9to5Mac.mac mini apple tv: Following the launch of the Apple TV + service in November 2019 and the arrival of the Apple Arcade gaming service, the time has come for Apple

When the HomePod Software 13.4 update arrived in March, 9to5Mac analyzed it and found that HomePod OS version 13.4 is now based on tvOS, rather than iOS. This is important for a number of reasons. One is that power consumption is not an issue for the HomePod or Apple TV as they are always connected, unlike iOS devices, so no code is needed to enable this.

9to5Mac also notes that both devices function as a home hub for HomeKit because they are always connected, another reason why they should share a common code.

One final reason is that Apple TV and HomePod use older processors, and by unifying the software, it allows Apple to accept these devices even after they stop supporting the same processors on iOS.

But the really interesting idea is whether it could indicate that a future device could combine the features of both the HomePod and the Apple TV. As we speculated in this article on how Apple could improve the HomePod, we would like to see Apple adding a display to the HomePod.

Siri AirPod support

You can pair Apple AirPods with Apple TV; With older AirPods, you can pause programs with a double tap. Now that Siri commands can be used with AirPods 2 (you can respond to “Hey Siri” commands), you may be able to enable Siri on your Apple TV through the new AirPods.

New Apple TV launch 2017 and rumors about new features: AirPods

You can use other Bluetooth headsets with Apple TV, but there are some limitations on the number of Bluetooth devices that can be paired, especially if one of them is an audio accessory.

Integration with HomePod

mac mini apple tv: Following the launch of the Apple TV + service in November 2019 and the arrival of the Apple Arcade gaming service, the time has come for AppleWhether the two devices are combined, as we discussed above, we think it would be great if Apple TV and HomePod could work hand in hand, even if it was just for voice recognition, a feature that came to HomePod with iOS. 13. You can now use HomePod as an audio source for Apple TV (although there may be some lag, so we don’t really recommend it at this time).

How about an Apple TV that incorporates HomePod features? With this we not only mean “we can play Apple Music”, which can be done today, but with all the functions of Siri
new Apple TV?

Perhaps the biggest factor affecting Apple’s plans in the television space is that modern televisions come with all the software they need to play games, such as Netfilx, Now TV, on-demand UK channels, etc. TV owners bought in recent years – in fact, any 4K TV owner that Apple turns to with the current model of Apple TV – will have all the necessary software to run the content they want on their TV.

And now, when Samsung supports Apple TV + content on its new TVs, and Sony and other TV manufacturers indicate that the new TVs will also offer Apple content, and Roku and Amazon Fire also offer the TV app, it seems certain that Apple is now looking to partner with television manufacturers, rather than selling its own set-top box. Read more about TVs with Apple TV + here.

Another reason that Apple could disrupt the top box is the confusion that its existence causes. It is not the product itself, but its name. There’s the Apple TV set-top box, the TV app (found on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, as well as Roku and Amazon Fire players and some Samsung TVs), and the TV + subscription service. We think Apple should reinvent the Apple TV device to clarify how these different things fit together, or just stop selling and remove some of the confusion.

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