December 2, 2023


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Top 5 Healthcare App Development Companies in UK

healthcare app development near me

healthcare app development near me

Health is the most crucial asset you could ever have, and your well-being is paramount to fulfilling other milestones in life.

With the evolution of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of things), and virtual reality, the healthcare industry is witnessing drastic change.

The significant reason for this paradigm shift is intuitive and engaging healthcare apps. 

Healthcare apps come in various forms, from fitness to well-being to nutrition to medicine reminders. It has a broad range of categories. Moreover, specific health apps help access and maintain patients’ EHRs (Electronic health records).

According to Fortune Business Insights, the worldwide mobile health apps market was valued at $38.89 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $314.60 billion by 2028.

So, there is massive potential that you can leverage by building a user-friendly healthcare app. Healthcare app development companies should be able to instruct you in selecting the right features for your app.

This blog will discuss UK’s top healthcare app developer to help you search for a reliable tech partner.

Essential Factors To Consider Before Hiring The Best Mobile App Development Services Provider

1.    Know Your Business Requirements

You must examine your business requirements and then look out for CVs. If you require a mobile app developer with basic features, you can go with middle-level or junior-level developers having two to three years of experience. However, if you must create an app with premium features, you should choose developers with extensive knowledge of developing innovative healthcare apps.

2.    Determine the Development Model

There are different development models that you can pick from, depending on your project size, budget, and deadlines. You can go with an outsourcing company, create your in-house team, or hire a freelance developer.

3.    Check Industry Experience

Being a business leader, you should select developers with vast experience working on similar projects. Further, you must look at what kind of apps they have developed previously. Moreover, you should also check the portfolio and reviews of the development company.

List of UK’s Top Healthcare App Development Firms

1.    SparxIT

Established in 2007, SparxIT is a leading web and mobile app development company based in the UK. The firm specializes in delivering various digital solutions with an ideal blend of innovation, technology, and expertise.

It has developed healthcare apps for various categories such as well-being, yoga, meditation, meal planning, and fitness. The firm also provides solutions in different healthcare processes like CRM, telemedicine, medication tracking, and hospital inventory management.

The enterprise aids its services from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and large-scale organizations to enhance their business procedures from ideation to final execution. They have more than 250 professionals providing digital transformative solutions using modern technologies.

SparxIT also provides end-to-end development of web and mobile apps in integration with dynamic modern technologies such as.

  • Blockchain
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning

It also presents the best mobile app development services to industries like finance, education, travel, eCommerce, fashion, real estate, and more. The company’s clients include big brands like Huawei, Intel, Coca-Cola, Motorola, HP, etc.

2.    3 Sided Cube

Founded in 2009, 3 Sided Cube is an app development and digital product firm in the UK with offices in London, Chicago, and Washington. The company develops prototypes and creates UI/UX designs for apps. The company has made mobile app solutions for small-scale industries and large organizations.

It supports firms through all phases of their product development from product scoping, user testing, UI/UX app & web design, launch, and ongoing support.

One of the significant advantages of medical app development companies is that you get a wide range of healthcare solutions to remain fit.

The agency offers multiple services, such as.

  • iOS App development
  • Android app development
  • React Native app development
  • Wearable & smart device development
  • Mobile strategy
  • Prototyping & concept development
  • Bot & AI development
  • Product & software design

The company has provided services in various domains, including healthcare, finance, IT, etc. The firm has a vast clientele base, such as the British Red Cross, Global Commons Alliance, Global Disaster Preparedness Centre, etc.


3.    Apadmi

Apadmi is a mobile app development agency established in 2009. They develop digital products which solve complicated issues and present rich experiences for people using mobile, web, and digital platforms.

They have skilled developers that provide multiple services such as.

  • Web development
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile app development
  • DeFi app development

It has a team of 200 developers who works with its clients to determine their digital vision, design, and architect transformational products. The popular clientele of the company includes Argos, Lexus, Range Rover, etc.

4.    Bit Zesty

Incorporated in 2009, Bit Zesty is a healthcare app development services provider that creates healthcare solutions for startups, SMEs, and big organizations. They assist in boosting your digital health experience from building mobile app strategy and UX design to development. The firm has a skilled team of developers to develop your strategic healthcare app.

The firm also offers services like mobile app design and development, android and iOS app design and development, etc.

They support different technologies such as-

  • React Native
  • React + Vue.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Elixir
  • JavaScript

The company has a popular clientele base, including Oxford Medical Simulation, Trussell Trust (UK Foodbanks), Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, etc.


5.    Waracle

Founded in 2004, Waracle is a digital product specialist with offices in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee. The firm has 300+ employees who provide top-notch mobile, web, IoT, artificial intelligence, and voice apps.

It functions across various industries, including fintech, digital health, energy, and oil and gas.

They also have expertise in different fields, such as-

  • Design research
  • Mobile development
  • Product management
  • DevOps
  • Cybersecurity

The company’s well-known clients are Virgin Money, Scottish Power, LifeArc, etc.


Developing a healthcare app that provides significance to your users is challenging as you have to go through various development phases. Therefore, you must first decide what type of development model you wish to target. Then thoroughly analyze your company’s mission and goals.

After this, you would require a team of specialists who understands the ins and out of the mobile app development strategy. Hence, you can consider taking the help of the best healthcare app development company to get superior app development solutions.