September 22, 2023

What Makes Slam Balls an Explosive Addition to Your Workout Routine? 

Explosive best slam balls

Explosive best slam balls

Explosive best slam balls: Muscle density is essential for a strong, confident physique. It is also critical to strengthen your muscles to be powerful.  When you perform an explosive, plyometric exercise, your muscles produce maximal force in brief bursts. This improves your body’s speed, strength, and agility. When improving these attributes in your body, using a slam ball to complete exercises will help you get there faster. 

Slam balls are a piece of popular workout equipment that can be utilized in various ways. Whether you’ve been going to the gym for years or are new to the benefits of strength training, slam balls are a wonderful tool for building your entire body. 

What is a Slam Ball? 

A slam ball, also known as a medicine ball, is an excellent piece of fitness equipment that can be used for various activities. They date back centuries; in Ancient Greece, almost 3,000 years ago, a slam ball was commonly used to help patients recuperate from injuries.  

Notably, there are several uses for slam balls, which come in various weights ranging from 5kg to 15kg and greater. 

You’ve most likely seen a medicine ball in a gym, but what are its advantages? Continue reading this page as we review why you should utilize slam balls for your workouts. 

1. Great For Cardio Fitness 

Many people think of treadmills or cycle machines when they desire to increase their cardio fitness. However, one piece of cardio equipment that many people overlook is the slam ball. In terms of strain, slam ball activities are equal to traditional cardio exercises like running or swimming, according to a recent study. 

Another reason slam balls, such as the 5,10, or 15kg slam ball, can be an efficient alternative for cardio fitness is that they can be used in mixed cardio routines focusing on strength and stamina. 

The ball toss to burpee is an excellent example of a cardio workout using the slam ball. This one is perfect for your aerobic fitness. You may get your blood flowing and build your cardiovascular strength by throwing the ball up, catching it, and then letting it go before executing a burpee and repeating the process. 

2. Increases Your Power and Overall Strength 

If you want to develop your body’s strength, a slam ball is the best equipment. Strength is required not only for lifting big objects but also for a wide range of movement, which allows you to do tasks more easily and with less strain on your body and joints. 

Push exercises aid in the development of explosive power and strength. This is especially beneficial for individuals participating in various sports, such as tennis, baseball, and golf. With a 10kg slamball, you can perform various push exercises. 

The ‘ball throw downs’ are a wonderful push exercise that you can practice with a medicine ball. This is where you jump up and hurl the ball down to the ground with explosive strength. This excellent full-body workout will improve your general strength by increasing power in your arms, shoulders, thighs, glutes, and core while also aiding in fat loss. 

3. Improves Your Balance and Overall Posture 

Good posture is essential for daily activities. Muscle groups are stretched without it, and your spine suffers. A good posture promotes happiness, bone and muscular health, and many other things. 

One of the numerous advantages of slam ball workouts is that they constantly focus on the core muscles by using a variety of movements that improve balance, posture, and overall flexibility. 

The medicine ball is utilized for balance and posture by various people, including novices and seasoned sports. Many professionals use medicine ball workouts that throw them off balance to train on these core muscle groups while improving their posture and balance. 

4. Injury Recovery Benefits 

The advantages slam balls provide to many routines utilized for persons recuperating from injury are an underappreciated benefit. They aid in regenerating your body and improve endurance and general reaction. They specifically assist those healing from spine, knee, and shoulder problems. 

When recovering from an injury, use lighter balls than you would normally use to develop your strength or cardiovascular fitness. This is to avoid aggravating the injury. 

Slowly raising the weight over time reduces the likelihood of injury and allows you to fully recover so that you can use the weight you used before the injury without risking injury to the muscles and joints. 

Core work is one of the most crucial activities when recovering from an injury. You may move around and engage in daily activities without injury, as the core muscles support the entire body. 

Because of how simple it is to practice, the Russian Twist is a popular workout for injury recovery. Sit upright and move the slam ball with both hands from the left to the right side of your body while turning your torso to the relevant side.  

This is fantastic since it puts less effort into your joints while drastically strengthening your core. 

5. Encourages Teamwork  

The bulk of gym workouts require you to work out on your own. This is only sometimes the case with slam ball exercises. It is a huge advantage because going out with a friend boosts motivation and makes it much more fun.  

Functional exercise in a group setting has been demonstrated in studies to boost accountability and mood. According to one study, 95% of those who attended a weight loss program with their friends finished it. 

Team slams ball exercises can include throwing, rolling, or even bouncing the ball to each other, which can assist in developing a variety of muscle and joint groups while also keeping things enjoyable and dynamic. 

6. Your Warm-Ups Will Be Better 

Before participating in any hip hinge or upper body movement, you must prime your muscles. This is where the medicine ball slam comes in handy.  

For starters, it engages all key muscles, including the lats during the downward slam, the hips throughout the exercise, and the chest, shoulders, and chest during the slam.  

You improve the link between the muscles in play and your central nervous system by slamming a med ball before moves like the bench press or deadlift. So, when you eventually go beneath a barbell, your muscles and brain will already be in sync. 

You’ll also break a sweat and get some synovial fluid into your joints, ensuring you don’t go into any cold movement. Because med ball slams are light, you won’t be exhausted for the rest of your workout. 


Ball slams are a great exercise that may help you test the limits of your strength, develop explosive force creation, and burn many calories through high-intensity training. It’s also an excellent method for increasing your range of motion and strength, making you more resilient and agile in all your workouts.  

The next time you visit the gym, grab a medicine ball for slams and try this flexible and strength-enhancing exercise. 


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