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Methods To Backup Yandex Email Easily

Yandex Email

Yandex Email

Yandex Email: Email Services have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. Be it professional or personal
life we use emails regularly and finds it to be a more convenient mode of communication. There
are many email service providers available today and a user chooses according to his
preference or requirement. Yandex email is one of such email service providers that is used
widely by many users across the globe. Many important data or files get stored in the mailbox
which can be accessed later on. But keeping a backup of those crucial emails is very much
necessary. As we cannot deny the fact that there can be any unexpected scenario where it is
not possible to access those data like any internet connection use or any virus thread to the

In this article, I am going to explain how can a user easily keep a backup of Yandex email
to avoid any data loss. But before going in-depth into the topic, first, let us know a little
bit about the Yandex email and why it is required.

Yandex email is a very popular email service that offers unlimited message storage capacity.
canIt also facilitates its user with some important benefits such as messages templates,
reminders, e-cards, etc. It is one of the top email service providers competing with Gmail.
Yandex email provides some scan filters or anti-virus features to protect its users’ data but still
there remain some malware attacks that cannot be prohibited by any anti-virus tools or spam

There are certainly other factors that are also responsible for disturbing the files in the mailbox
that leads the users to backup files for keeping them safe. It is always considered to be a good
practice if you follow the backup of your files and save your data.
However, under certain circumstances, it is found beneficial if you have already set up a
backup of your important data.

  1. Suppose you need to access any data from your mailbox and at the time you are not
    getting enough internet coverage. Now, you will not be able to access your required files
    from your mailbox. So, in such a case you must have backup files that can make your
    data always available even at the time of no internet connection.
  2. In case, if you have deleted or lost your important file unknowingly and later on your
    required that file . At that time, if you have taken the backup of your important files then it
    makes it easy to get back of your files or data.
  3. The more serious reason is account hacked. If by any chance your account gets hacked
    and you don’t have any backup then you won’t be able to access your data. But if you
    have done a backup of your emails then you can easily access it or transfer it to any
    other account. Yandex Email

These could be some of the possible reasons that are why experts suggest keeping a backup of
emails to overcome any loss of your valuable files or data.

Now that we have understood the importance of keeping a backup of emails. Let us
quickly find a solution through which a user can protect emails and have a backup too.
Below I am mentioning two methods a user can follow to backup Yandex emails easily.
Manual Method of keeping backup emails by using MS Outlook. To do the process, a user can
follow the steps listed below –

  1. First, you have to open MS Outlook in your system

2. Now, you have to select the Yandex email account for which you want to keep backup.

After you have selected your required account, add the account with Outlook account for

further process.

3. Next, you have to click on the File option and then choose Import/Export and then form

the given options click on the Open Export Option.

4. Here, select opt for Export to a file to a file option and click on Next.

5. In the next phase, you have to choose your mailbox folders and then click on the

Continue button. Yandex Email

6. Next, you can choose the destination of your required file to be saved and then click on

the Finish button.

7. Now, your email backup data is ready and saved in your system.

With the above steps, the process of keeping a backup of emails with the help of Outlook ends

here. However, the manual process is a bit lengthy process and may require some time to

complete the whole process. A user must need to have a little bit of technical skill to implement

the process.

So, for beginner users or those who don’t have prior technical knowledge I am suggesting here

another method of Yandex email backup. There is an also easy solution of backup available i,e

to take help from professional software like DRS Yandex Backup Tool. It is a fully automated

tool that requires no prior skill to run. Moreover, it allows a user to backup emails from Yandex in

various file formats and also imports mail accounts in Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo,

Thunderbird, Hotmail, Zoho Mail,iCloud, etc. Using this software a user can save time and

complete the task with accuracy. Yandex Email


In this article, I have given a short description of Yandex email and the priority of keeping a
backup of emails. I have also tried to explain to users two different methods that are available
for getting backup of emails. So, I hope that I am able to help user those who are looking for
various solutions of email backup for Yandex mails. Both the process is explained in detail, a
user can choose any as per preference and keep safe the contents of their mailbox. Yandex Email

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