5 Great Ideas for Promoting Your Business on Social Media

small business owners

small business owners

Small business owners: Social media are outstanding internet services that people use to interact, share, and create content for online communities. Moreover, they offer excellent marketing opportunities for most, if not all, businesses. If you are a business owner, you can use social media for the following purposes:

  • Inform customers about your products and services
  • Promote your business and brand
  • Attract new customers
  • Learn what others think of your business
  • Build better relationships with your current customers

Benefits of Using Social Media in Marketing Your Business

  • You can reach millions of platform users around the world
  • You can focus on specific groups or locations
  • You may opt to pay for low-cost advertising or use the platform to have an online presence
  • You may communicate with individuals and groups personally
  • You can share information with your followers quickly
  • You don’t need specialized equipment or high-level skills to use social media

Disadvantages of Using Social Media

  • Wasted money and time for little or no tangible return
  • Rapid propagation of the wrong type of info about your business
  • Legal problems for not following privacy, copyright, and spam regulations

Types of Social Media Platforms for Your Business

  • Facebook for promotion of special offers, posting of videos and photos, and having conversations with customers
  • Twitter for sending and receiving short messages from customers and prospective clients
  • YouTube for sharing of videos
  • Blogs for sharing of content about several topics of interest
  • Coupon sites for discount coupons offer for events, products, and services
  • Online photo-sharing for storing, organizing, and sharing photo collections
  • Location-based marketing sites for sharing of targeted marketing messages to customers in specific locations
  • Customer review sites for customer reviews of products and services

How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

If you now have social media accounts for your business, you must post content there. However, people do not know that your pages exist. Here are some ways you can use to inform them:

1.     Complete Your Business Page Profile

Maybe you are unaware that you need to complete your Facebook page profile. You can give time to exploring its new features and links to your other social media profiles in the “About” tab. You may share more information about your brand and company in a storytelling format in the “Story” section. Your customers and potential customers will know where else to find you because you include the other networks in your “About” section.

2.     Use Branded Hashtags

If you have an Instagram account, you can include hashtags and your other social media accounts in your bio. You can promote location-specific profiles and hashtags in the space provided. Your followers can easily find you through your hashtags. Here are some tips on creating a branded Instagram hashtag:

  • Keep It Short and Simple

You can have a brand hashtag that your customers and fans can quickly remember. It has to be specific with fewer characters. small business owners

  • Add Cleverness or Humor

Funny or cleverly constructed hashtags make a lasting impression. Red Bull had the #PutACanOnIt campaign and asked their fans to upload images to Instagram using their hashtag. The strategy generated about 10,000 highly creative and original photos.

  • Avoid Competition

Your hashtag must focus on a relevant topic that your followers will discuss with other people. It must be specific to stand out. You may search Instagram for ideas on how you can create your unique hashtag.

  • Easy to Read

Your chosen hashtag must be easy to spell and read. You can avoid double letters and commonly misspelled words.

  • Make It Memorable

You need a catchy hashtag that people can include in their Instagram photos. Using brand-centric phrases and familiar words will do the trick. However, it must be fun to use, so you can use your creativity in creating your brand’s hashtag.

  • Encourage People to Use Your Hashtag

Your catch hashtag can help gain brand awareness, but you must exert effort for people to begin using it. You can include it in all marketing collateral, including brand imagery, printed products, and emails. You must add your hashtag to your Instagram bio too. small business owners

3.     Exploit the “Follow Us on Social” Feature

You can use cross-promotion for other channels through the “Follow Us on Social.” Your followers will remember your other social media accounts because of it. A link to your social media page with a call-to-action can be an excellent strategy for people to know that your business exists. A college paper writer suggests using the field in your bio to list your other social media networks. You can also include the links in your profile photo to promote your other pages.

4.     Publicize Your Social Media Accounts in Email Signatures and Newsletters

If you send recurrent newsletters, you can add your social icons at the bottom to serve as a reminder for your recipients where they will find you. You may feature a photo from the community that readers can click that leads to your social media account. You can also put the links to your email signature when you send emails to your clients and potential customers. small business owners

5.     Use Targeted Ads

You promote your brand, products, and services using targeted ads on Facebook. You may add the Facebook Pixel on your website before advertising. If you wish to target interest groups, you may use Facebook’s audience data. Here are some tips in using targeted ads from assignment help UK:

  • Understand Your Customers’ Interests

You can advertise your brand, products, or services to people curious about a topic or page. In your ad settings, you will find the Interests section and type anything in the search box. Facebook will recommend matching or related interests.

  • Find the Customers in Your Market

You can learn many things about your potential clients’ buying intentions through their online behavior. Facebook can suggest individuals who are planning to buy a specific product. You may wish to target these people for your ads through the “Behavior” section. You can experiment with it to ascertain what is most profitable for you.

  • Target Users Based on their Financial Resources

Income targeting is beneficial if your product or service is affordable. You can opt to advertise based on Liquid Assets, Net Worth, and Income. You can find the “Financial” option under the “Demographics” section. This strategy works well, but you can boost your profitability if you combine it with behavior matching your target audience. small business owners


You can reach many clients and prospective customers if you use social media to promote your brand, products, services and generate sales through social media It has several advantages and a few disadvantages, so you must be careful about creating your marketing strategies. You can follow these top five tips on promoting your business: small business owners

  • Complete your business profile
  • Use branded hashtags
  • Exploit the “Follow Us on Social”
  • Promote your social media accounts in newsletters and email signatures
  • Use targeted ads

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