December 2, 2023


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7 Best Microphones for Your Video Production

microphones for video production

microphones for video production

Microphones for video production: Good recording sound is essential for video production or any film. In fact, the sound is probably the most essential aspect filmmakers should consider while making a film. Think about the moment when you have decided to watch a good picture, but after some time turned it off due to bad sound quality. So, if you want to give the best sound quality to your video production, first you must understand the types of microphones that you can use to achieve the desired result.

Top Microphones for Crystal Clear Sound

In the rest of the content, we will be going to discuss the top microphones that you can use for your video production and optimize the sound quality. Read on.

1.    Sennheiser Evolution Wireless 100-p G4

The Sennheiser microphone is one of the best lavalier microphones that offers high flexibility and good quality sound. The transmission range of this wireless microphone can be up to 330 feet and the operation time will be 8 hours.

The Sennheiser Evolution microphone is designed with 100-p series that offer better control. Also, the 12 compatible frequencies optimize the sound quality. On top of these, the output power can go up to 30 mW. The microphone comes with two Portable Lavalier Sets, an ew 122-p G4 (cardioid), a 135-p G4 Portable Handset, and an ew 112-p G4 (Omni). Besides, there are a bodypack transmitter and plug-on features that increase the sound quality.


  • Industry-standard
  • Good sound quality
  • Build quality


  • High-price

2.    Rode Wireless Go

Another best microphone that you can use. Rode mic comes with a clip-n-go design and is light-weighted. However, the most significant advantages of this mic are its performance capacity and usability.

Besides the Rode Go microphone is designed with advanced cameras that are compatible with computers, and mobile devices. Apart from this, it has a 2.4GHz digital transmission system along with 128-bit encryption and the range is up to 70 m.


  • 128-bit encryption
  • Lightweight
  • Range up to 70m


  • Expensive

3.    Sennheiser MKH-416

This type of microphone is mainly used in Hollywood sets as well as professional independent productions alike. The microphone can offer up to 20,000 Hz frequencies. By using this microphone, you will get crystal clear recording. The RF design allows you to quickly capture a high-quality audio system. Apart from this, it has a foam windscreen that helps you to eliminate unwanted noise.

Bear in mind, the Sennheiser MKH-416 is specifically designed for radio, television, and film work.


  • Perfect for adverse environmental conditions
  • High-quality sound
  • Built to last


  • Not cheap

4.    Shure SM58

The SM58 is considered as one of the world’s best professional and dynamic microphones. It has a cardioid mic along with a frequency response up to 50 Hz that offers warm as well as crystal clear vocal reproduction.

The Shure SM58 is specifically designed to capture the main sound source even in a noisy environment. Apart from this, it comes with a spherical filter that minimizes wind and reduces pop noise. On top of this, it is designed with an internal pneumatic shock-mount system that will help you to reduce the handling noise.


  • In-built pop filter
  • Rugged construction
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Nothing

5.    Rode NT1

The new version of the Rode NT1 microphone targets the main sound and offers high-frequencies as well as stellar bass. Apart from this, the transducer of the NT1 is suspended within the microphone. And as per Rude, this feature will reduce the external vibrations at the capsule level.  On top of this, this microphone can measure up to 4.5dBA self-noise which makes it an ideal microphone for video productions.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Slim look
  • Detect up to 4.5dBA of self-noise


  • Unable to record in a noisy environment

6.    Rode Procaster

The Rode Procaster microphone provides a tight polar pattern and it comes with a frequency response that is specifically designed for video production. Besides, it has an in-built pop-filter that increases the sound quality.  Rode Procaster is an excellent microphone that will be perfect for those who have just entered the world of podcasting.


  • 10- year warranty
  • Voice friendly frequency response
  • Reduce sounds and audio-distortion noises


  • Limited features

7.    Audio-Technica AT8015

It’s probably the best microphone that might be available in the market. In order to offer you the best quality sound, this microphone is designed with a phantom, a line gradient condenser, and a shortage mic. Besides, the sound rejection design eliminates unwanted sounds. Apart from this, the Audio-Technica AT8015 microphone can capture sound from a long distance and that’s why many filmmakers prefer this microphone. On top of this, this microphone has a roll-off position switch that eliminates the low-frequency ambient noise. Hence, the Audio Technica microphone will cancel room reverberation, traffic as well as mechanically coupled vibrations.


As said earlier, sound is the most essential thing for video productions. However, choosing the most suitable one for your purpose isn’t a cup of tea. However, if you use any one of the above microphones surely you will get the best output.