December 3, 2023


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Why Small Businesses Should Hire An Email Developer For The Holiday Season

Email developer

Email developer

Email developer: In today’s digitally-driven era, email marketing plays a huge role in the growth of small businesses. Marketing emails that are designed in an appealing way can be a good profit-making tool for all small businesses. The best part? Email marketing offers the highest return on investment compared to all the other marketing forms. It gives an average return of $44 for each $1 that you spend, making it instantly appealing to small businesses. 

The holiday season is the perfect time for small businesses to boost sales and attract new customers. A robust email marketing strategy will boost your business during the holiday season, which is one of the yearly top grossers for most brands. Here, we will discuss why small businesses should hire MailChimp developers for the holiday season since most of the small businesses use MailChimp due to its freemium model. But before we get into this topic, there are few other important things related to email marketing that you should know:

Advantages of Email Marketing For SMBs

Email marketing helps to promote your business and develop a good relationship with your potential clients over commercially intended email correspondence. It makes all your customers aware of new products, discounts, offers, etc. 

Email marketing has numerous advantages if used in the correct manner during the holiday season. Let us see some advantages of email marketing:

  • With the help of email marketing, you can provide more information about your services to all potential customers. 
  • During the holiday season, you can create emails that include customer surveys and feedback forms. These surveys will help you to know the exact requirements of the customers and then make improvements to your business to offer better services.
  • Email marketing during the holidays provides you an opportunity to generate plenty of leads. You can craft the emails, including the ‘refer to a friend and win’ strategy to gain more customers and expand your business. 
  • Holiday emails make the customers happy if they come with a great deal. If you send an email that offers great customer value during the holiday season, there are a lot of chances that it will boost the customer’s trust in your company.

Email Marketing Aspects To Target During The Holiday Season

Here’s a quick list of aspects that you should target with the help of professional help when leveraging email marketing during holiday season as an SMB:

Target The Correct Audience By Segmenting Your Email List

In order to grow your business by utilizing email marketing, you will have to make sure that you send your emails to the right audience segments. Since we all know that our inboxes are filled with a lot of unnecessary emails; you will have to make sure that you send your emails to only those audiences who are interested to hear from you. By segmenting your email list, you can reach out to the right audience for your brand promotion. You can make segments based on customer’s shopping behavior, interests, demographics, and a lot more.

Offer Exclusive Sales With Great Discounts In The Holiday Seasons

Use your emails to announce exclusive sales offers and give a hint of the products which you are going to offer on discount only during the holiday season. This will surely attract customers, and they will even buy more since they are ready to splurge during this time. 

Also, the holiday season is the best opportunity to keep your customers engaged. By providing exciting deals and discounts, you will be able to drive more sales and make more profit. Another thing which you can do is that you can offer discounts on the first order and gain some new potential customers. 

Make The Subject Lines Of Your Email Eye-Catchy

One thing that you should always remember is that the subject line of your email should have the caliber to attract your subscribers. When you are crafting an email specifically for the holiday season, the subject lines should be designed in such a way that the audience can easily feel the holiday vibes. 

To create eye-catchy and unique subject lines, you can also experiment with emojis. Emojis not only attract the targeted audience but also helps in boosting your open rates.

Optimize Your Emails For Smartphones

Most people check emails on their smartphones. Also, nowadays, people usually like to do online shopping on their mobile phones only. Thus, it is very necessary to craft the emails in such a way that they can easily work on different screen sizes without any issues.

Why Should Small Businesses Hire An Email Developer During The Holiday Season?

Email marketing is a very effective method to boost your sales and increase customers, especially during the holidays. But, this can only happen when email marketing is properly strategized and implemented in a correct way. Small businesses are likely to face technical issues considering the lack of skilled resources. Also, during this time, you need to create more emails than the rest of the year. Hence, to keep up with the increased demand, it is a great idea to hire an offshore expert – an email developer. 

A skilled email developer will help you create unique and attractive emails. Moreover, a professional email developer will help your brand to stay ahead of the technology curve and also ensure maximum reach. Here are some of the basic reasons why small businesses should hire an email developer during the holiday season:

  • An email developer will create a unique and completely professional-looking email that will help you to attract more potential customers during the holiday season. A well-designed and perfectly coded email will provide you guaranteed results.
  • The email developer will use a lot of tools to make your emails more personalized, which will enable you to build up a better relationship with potential clients. He/she will also help you to send hyper-relevant content to every customer in such a way that they will slowly develop an interest in your emails and look forward to receiving them.
  • When you hire an email developer, he/she can help you send mobile-friendly emails, making them perfect for viewing on any device. 
  • It is extremely important to hire an email developer who has good email marketing skills in order to add open tracking pixels to your email that can easily track all the necessary micro-interactions. Email developer

Wrap Up

An expert MailChimp developer is essential if you want to boost your ROI with the help of top-notch talent from across the globe. Email marketing not only creates brand awareness for small businesses, but it also helps build a steady revenue stream. Hence, it is vital to have good email developers in your team to expand your business through email marketing even through a temporary arrangement like that for the holidays. Email developer

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