December 8, 2023


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How much do you pay a teenager to babysit 2022

How much do you pay a teenager to babysit

How much do you pay a teenager to babysit

How much do you pay a teenager to babysit: Babysitting has grown to be a very profitable company!

Babysitting rates in 2021 will be more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.
According to the 2021 annual report published by UrbanSitter, A babysitter’s hourly wage for one child is $18.36, and $21.23 for two children. This means that the sitter’s total take-home pay for one evening could be comparable to the expense of the parents’ night out on the town.
“Rates have climbed in lockstep with inflation year after year,” said Lynn Perkins, CEO of UrbanSitter.

The study polled families across the country on a variety of topics, including wages for sitters aged 16 and up. The most costly babysitters worked in the San Francisco region, where the average hourly rate for one child was $21.17 and $23.56 for two. On the other hand, sitters in Las Vegas made the least money, with an hourly rate of $12.53 for one child and $17.18 for two.

Rates for 2021 babysitting

Other urban cities’ rates were different (the survey did not include rates in more rural areas).
Atlanta, Georgia: $ 16.86 (one child), $ 17.47 (two children)
Austin, TX: $ 17.26 (one child), $ 19.49 (two children)
Boston, MA $ 18.69 (one child), $ 21.13 (two children)
Chicago, IL $ 16.06 (one child), $ 17.02 (two children)
Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX $ 13.72 (one child), $ 16.50 (two children)
Denver, CO $ 15.84 (one child), $ 18.89 (two children)
Houston, TX $ 17.07 (one child), $ 19.10 (two children)
Las Vegas, NV $ 12.53 (one child), $ 17.18 (two children)
Los Angeles, CA $ 18.26 (one child), $ 24.80 (two children)
Nashville, TN $ 15.31 (one child), $ 17.16 (two children)
New York City, NY $ 18.94 (one child), $ 22.13 (two children)
Philadelphia, PA $ 15.19 (one child), $ 17.09 (two children)
Phoenix, AZ $ 16.70 (one child), $ 19.52 (two children)
Portland, OR $ 15.98 (one child), $ 17.30 (two children)
San Antonio, TX $ 12.54 (one child), $ 13.55 (two children)
San Diego, CA $ 16.02 (one child), $ 19.60 (two children)
San Francisco, CA $ 21.17 (one child), $ 23.56 (two children)
Seattle, WA $ 18.82 (one child), $ 20.67 (two children)
Washington, DC $ 18.00 (one child), $ 19.38 (two children)

Perkins told TODAY that while rates have risen over time, so has the innovation of parents who have found methods to reduce babysitting costs.
Some parents have teamed up with friends to leave both sets of children at the same residence and split the sitter’s fee at the end of the night.
sitters for the night

While the children are sleeping, some parents prefer to pay a sitter less.
In fact, recommends that sitters consider lowering their hourly fees for overnight jobs
because they will be paid for longer hours total than they would for a regular “date night” job.

More responsibilities equals more expenses.

You should expect to pay a sitter extra if you offer them additional responsibilities.
According to, characteristics such as caring for an infant, children with special needs,
or individuals who require specialised care can affect the price you spend. Furthermore,
some families pay more for babysitters who cook, help with laundry, fetch goods from the supermarket,
or even drive their children to various activities.
Duration of time commitment required

What kind of work will you assign to the babysitter?

This, too, can influence the hourly rate you end up agreeing on.
In other words, will you require a full-time babysitter?
Maybe only part-time, or even less? You should also consider
if the job will be done on weekends or during the week,
as these factors can affect the amount you pay.