Rufus Taylor Caroline Smedvig Age and More !

Rufus Taylor Caroline Smedvig Age

Rufus Taylor Caroline Smedvig Age

Rufus Taylor Caroline Smedvig Age : Caroline “Kim” Taylor (née Smedwig) was born on May 31, 1957 in the United States. Her sign is Gemini. and she holds American citizenship. She is a former journalist. May is probably better known as the third wife of the famous American composer James Taylor.

Youth and education

Caroline grew up in the United States with her parents, who did not know about her privacy. Her father is believed to be a used car salesman and her mother is a housewife. Because Caroline doesn’t talk about siblings. So most people thought she was an only child.

became interested in journalism at a young age. Mainly because her father watches the news every day.

Caroline wrote a textbook and her interest grew over time. also interested in many other activities such as football, acting and singing. Caroline entered college in 1975 and earned her bachelor’s degree in 1979.

Carolina career

Caroline doesn’t talk much about her career. She is known for working as a correspondent for the Springfield Daily News and previously worked for the Boston Symphony Orchestra as director of public relations and marketing. Caroline retired today.

Love life and marriage to James Taylor

Caroline met James in 1995 while she was still with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and they eventually exchanged vows on February 18, 2001 in a private ceremony at the Episcopal Church of the United States. Emmanuel in Boston
Caroline gave birth to twins Rufus and Henry in April 2001, and the family of four has lived in Lenox ever since. Massachusetts

Caroline did not mention other men she may have dated. Although it is known that James was married twice before he met her. In November 1972 he married the famous American singer-songwriter Carly Simon and she had children Sarah, Maria Taylor and Ben. who followed in the footsteps of his parents and became a musician Carly and James divorced in 1983. He then married the American actress Catherine Walker on December 14, 1985 in St. Peter’s Cathedral. James credits Catherine with helping him break his addiction to heroin. But the couple divorced in 1996.

His father was an alcoholic.

James Taylor faces the addiction of his life soon after growing up in the house of his alcoholic father. According to The Guardian, Taylor’s father moved the family south from New England. when he was appointed dean of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. During his time there When Taylor was seven years old, his father was enlisted in the US Navy. and led a two-year expedition to the South Pole, where he was tasked with distributing alcohol to 100 fellow explorers. Taylor said his father came home because of a drinking problem that prevented the old man from predicting mood and behavior .
According to the Los Angeles Times, when he was in high school, Taylor’s parents were on the verge of divorce due to his father’s alcoholism. The breakup left a psychological scar in Taylor’s life. and many decades later He turned to problems in therapy. He took his father to a meeting. In which a psychologist asked an elderly Taylor why he married and had five children with a woman he clearly did not love. He suggests this because his mother died in childbirth. His ex-wife may have done the same. So he doesn’t want to get too emotionally attached if that’s the case.


When Taylor marries Smedvig, she doesn’t want any more children, but he changes after realizing how much he loves his wife.

Smedvig still wants children. But over time he learned that he could never have children. instead of giving up they resorted to surrogacy. And in April 2001, their twins Rufus and Henry were born.

Taylor has had children several times and emphasizes that later parenthood is better. He said that you finally feel ready and confident enough to expand your family.

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