Sending automated queries (captcha automated queries)

Sending automated queries

Sending automated queries

Sending automated queries captcha automated queries: When you use Google to search, regardless of your browser or operating system, the error message ” your computer or network is sending automatic requests” sometimes appears.

This error can prevent you from accessing certain web pages and may require multiple captchas to reset search results, which does not always work.

Cause of automatic request errors

Google’s servers and search are configured so that if they receive multiple connection attempts, that is, requests, from the same computer or network, they are flagged as possible automation. Sending automated queries captcha automated queries

Google Captcha search error

Sending automated queries

If this is detected, Google will temporarily restrict your search usage (and you may not be able to access certain web pages) to ensure that other users don’t experience slowdowns.

Oftentimes, after displaying this error, Google asks the user for a code to prove that they are human and that they are not actually sending automated requests from their computer or network. Sending automated queries captcha automated queries

How to fix automatic request errors

Your computer or network is unlikely to send automatic prompts, and this error message is most often an issue that can be resolved with several common solutions.

If you encounter this error right after installing a certain program or downloading and opening a certain file, the program may be connecting to the Internet without your knowledge. In this case, first try uninstalling the program to see if the problem is still there.

Sending automated queries Delete your navigation history. Regardless of which browser you are using, deleting history is a great way to make sure the data stored in your browser is not causing problems.

Other Solutions

Try a different internet browser. Sometimes this problem can be caused by your browser itself. Trying to search in a new browser will confirm if the problem is in one app.

If you do not receive an error message in another browser, uninstall and reinstall the original browser; then try again to see if the error occurred. Sending automated queries. Restart the computer. Most device issues are temporary issues that can be resolved by restarting off-state. Go back to your computer, try searching again. Sending automated queries captcha automated queries


Restart the router and modem. If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, the problem may be with your Internet connection and not with your device.

Otherwise, if you can access the Internet without any problems, and the problem persists after the restart, the problem may not be in your network or Internet connection. Scan your computer for malware. If you don’t frequently visit complex websites or download suspicious attachments, the chances of a virus appearing on your computer are very low, but any malicious program or service can cause this error message. Sending automated queries captcha automated queries

When the scan is complete and you’ve deleted all affected files, try searching again.

What to do if all else fails

  • Computers are the latest technology and many things can go wrong. However, whenever a problem arises, there is always one last resort: restarting the system.
  • Resetting Windows Computers This feature on Windows allows Windows users to reinstall Windows without a disk, giving users the ability to keep their personal files.
  • Mac and MacBook Air users can also reset the computer. You can back up your system to Mac, and then restore your computer after resetting from backup.
  • You can keep all your files after restarting your computer, but this is a small nuclear solution and should only be used if it fails even more.

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