December 3, 2023


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The Most Useful Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software 

telvista Digital Asset Management Software 

telvista Digital Asset Management Software 

The digital asset management system is a cloud-based solution. It integrates with existing business apps and platforms, including Microsoft Office. Secondly, it ensures that users can access all of their digital assets at any time. The software’s flexible architecture allows users to customize the interface to meet their preferences, including location and language.  

Users can organize files in folders and access them anywhere. DAM supports multiple formats, so files from various departments can be easily accessed. You will need DAM system for your digital assets if you own an IT support company like Telvista or a marketing firm. Moreover, it provides role-based security so that only authorized personnel can access files. Here are top DAM solutions:

#1. Extensis Portfolio 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive enterprise digital asset management solution, Extensis Portfolio might be a good fit. The portfolio solution features an easy-to-use toolbar panel, which allows you to add, edit, search, and preview assets. Users can customize this toolbar panel to display the functions they use the most frequently. 

The Extensis Portfolio enterprise digital asset management software is designed to help executives manage. It enables you to share all forms of digital content, including images, documents, and audio. The solution is flexible enough to support both on-site colleagues and remote workers. Extensis Portfolio can be deployed either on-premise or as a Web-based application.  

In addition to managing all types of assets, Portfolio enables users to search for specific content by location, metadata tag, and area of interest on a map. It finds geospatial tagged documents, as well as related non-geospatial data. The software also supports 360-degree photo and video formats.  

#2. Mavenlink 

Mavenlink has a global customer base, with clients in more than 100 countries. It has many different applications for a variety of industries. Its software is also used by Salesforce, Navigant, Cornerstone, and Acquia, among others.  

Mavenlink enables project teams to collaborate by centralizing project and task management. All messages are organized in a single feed, and private messaging is available for project team members. Users can also create milestones and tasks, assign details to various members, and update statuses collaboratively. They can also rearrange items, such as files, in discussion threads.  

With its powerful project management features and flexible system, Mavenlink has the potential to increase productivity. Users have complained about the learning curve, though, and the fact that it does not integrate with specific CRM solutions. So, if you are looking for an enterprise digital asset management solution for your organization, consider Mavenlink. 

#3. Templafy 

Templafy is an integrated solution that allows users to access their digital assets directly from within document creation applications. The company’s integration with G Suite and Office apps lets users access content from within a single location. This feature allows users to save time by avoiding the time and hassle of looking for digital assets that are already in the system.  

Templafy provides direct access to company digital assets within Microsoft Office applications. This makes it easier for professionals to stay on-brand while creating documents. 

#4. Interplay MAM 

The Interplay MAM enterprise digital asset management solution was discontinued and replaced by Media Central. It is a collaborative media workflow platform that provides powerful asset management capabilities. Designed for use on multiple tiers of storage, Media Central is able to be used locally and remotely and provides extensive support and user guides. In addition, Interplay MAM can connect with third-party software for additional functionality.  

A comprehensive review of the features and functionality of the Interplay MAM enterprise DAM solution is essential before making the purchase decision. The company’s unique business needs should be taken into account when evaluating the Interplay MAM. This can include the number of users, organization size, and skill level of employees.  

#5. WIDEN 

The WIDEN enterprise digital asset management solutions provide control over digital assets. Moreover, it allows businesses to protect their brand and distribute their content safely and securely. Users can use the platform to convert files on-the-fly, publish assets with embedded codes, and audit the performance of their visual assets.  

Using a customizable dashboard, a team can quickly review and analyze their digital asset management solution to determine which features are most beneficial. Moreover, the software also includes features that let users track the performance of their content, which allows businesses to make necessary changes to their offerings. 

WIDEN offers enterprise DAM as a SaaS solution. It offers all the essential features of a DAM, including search, repository, management, classification, and tagging. It also helps businesses manage their rich content across multiple channels, including web, mobile, and omnichannel. Its solutions also support the customer journey and meet regulatory compliance requirements. You can choose a WIDEN enterprise DAM based on your specific business requirements.