10 Engagement Ideas to enhance a virtual product launch

Virtual product launch

Virtual product launch

Virtual product launch: Since the outbreak of the pandemic, organizations around the globe have moved online completely. Right from meeting employees to celebrating fests, companies now prefer presenting everything with a virtual component. Another format of virtual events that has become popular over time is Virtual Product Launch. Organizations are hiring online virtual show platforms to host efficient launch events.

But it is not all; one needs to have a complete idea of different ways to engage the audience in the event.

Below we have discussed various ideas to increase engagement in an online product launch.

Drop-in trailers

Various management and leadership boards believe that launching teasers about your product and the event can create a buzz among the audience. It will help you build excitement and suspense among people. Use your company’s social media channels effectively and drop intriguing trailers to keep the audience hooked to your brand. It is a proven strategy that companies use to build their audience base and grab their attention. Creating suspense about your virtual product launch will leave them in curiosity and compel them to register for your online launch.

Create Countdowns-

Along with building suspense among your audience base, utilize your social media to create countdowns a few days before the event. Ask your employees to share it on their social media as well. It will help you build a sense of excitement among your attendees. You can also use the countdown to drop surprises that will make sure the registrants stick glued to your virtual product launch. The countdown will also remind the registrants if they forget about your launch event due to their busy schedules.

Be a storyteller

The word ‘storytelling’ has been doing rounds in the market lately, and there are many reasons for it. To begin with, make it clear that storytelling is not merely a buzzword, it is one technique that businesses can always rely on. There are many reasons to support the fact that storytelling always works. One such reason is that the human brain understands stories and reacts to them as if we have experienced them ourselves. Using this technique to introduce your virtual launch event will not only keep your audience engaged but will also help you define your brand values and stand out from the crowd.

Make your event a visual delight

Integrate visually appealing content into your virtual launches like graphics and videos to make it more impactful. It is because our minds transit at least 90% of visual information. Hence, if your event lacks visually pleasing components your audience might not find it entertaining enough. Include elements that will help your audience understand your brand better. Consider adding visuals that envision your strategy and deliver your objectives. Along with it, plan a systematic layout and color scheme for your product launch event. One might not pay enough attention to such things, but keep in mind that these elements tend to keep your attendees hooked to their screens.

Conduct giveaways

Another proven strategy to increase engagement during your virtual product launch is organizing giveaways. An efficient marketing strategy comes with numerous benefits. First, it keeps the attendees excited and involved throughout the event because who doesn’t like to get gifts? Along with it, research suggests that around 80% of attendees would purchase when brands come up with personalized merch. Giveaways help you with creating excitement about your brand and bringing people together to expand your audience.

Make the event interactive

Even though virtual events come with numerous benefits, they require you to go the extra mile to make them as interactive as their physical counterparts. The biggest challenge and irony that comes with an online launch is that it is conducted over a virtual show platform. To keep the event interactive, inculcate activities and features like online quizzes and Q&A sessions. Several virtual launch platforms like Dreamcast offer you various features that will help you deliver an authentic and close-to-real experience to your attendees.

Collaborate with popular faces-

You can never go wrong by collaborating with celebrities to increase audience engagement at your event. Make efficient use of the fact that we live in a world that is highly influenced by celebrities. If you invite a well-known figure with a decent number of followers, it might help you surge the number of attendees at your online launch event. Apart from this, you can also organize keynote sessions at your event to keep the audience engaged. Make sure you schedule it somewhere at the last of the product launch so that your audience doesn’t leave it mid-way.

Introduce Live Polling

Another technique to boost up engagement rates at your online product launch is by introducing live polls. Include two-three live polls depending on the duration of your event. It is one of the easiest tricks to increase audience engagement throughout the event and keep them attentive till the end. It will also make sure that your event runs smoothly. Various virtual product launch platforms come with the integrated live poll feature. You can use this feature to know the audience’s opinions regarding the ongoing event.

Keep the content concised

While outlining the content of your event, make it short and crisp. It is not easy to hold people’s attention at virtual events since they come with numerous distractions. If the audience doesn’t find the content captivating enough, they will leave it mid-way. To avoid embarrassing situations like this, keep the content crisp and don’t include any irrelevant information. To make it more interesting, add jokes, quotes, and questions to break the monotony of the event. Introduce short breaks in the event so that the audience can charge themselves up.

Organise Social Media Contests

It goes without saying that the world has been taken over by social media. Now that we spend our lives more on social channels, use the power of social media with full efficacy. You can host various contests where the audience can participate by posting their entries on their social handles. You can create your hashtags or filter to track the entries. Prizes and competitions excite people, grab more eyeballs by announcing a reward. Remember, the power of social media can change your game altogether if used efficiently.

The above-mentioned ideas have been very much in use by popular organizations and provide desirable results. To host an engaging online event, include these ideas in your planning and see the difference yourself. Also, join hands with the best virtual event platforms like Dreamcast and introduce your product with a bang!

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