September 30, 2023

11 Features To Look For In A Pie Chart Generator

Free svg pie chart generator

Free svg pie chart generator

Free svg pie chart generator: Pie charts are a type of Data Visualization, a visual representation of data. A pie chart or a circle graph is one of the most widely used forms in business presentations and reports. If you want to be good at pie charts then you must have a clear understanding of how they work and what factors need to be considered while designing or analyzing which is why we made this article which will provide you top 11 features that should be present in the best pie chart generator.

1. Size of the Labels

The labels should be large enough so that they can easily be read. According to The Society for Human Resource Management, if you want to communicate about your data then the chart should have larger-sized labels which means you need to use a Pie Chart Generator that will help you in generating pies with adequate labels.

2. Labels Positioning

The labels with the Pie Charts should be printed in such a way that they are placed above the slices of the Pie Chart and not below them which will make it easy for everybody to read them.

3. Make A Pie Chart With Automatic Detection of Slices

If you don’t want any human interaction with your Pie Charts then you should go for a Pie Chart Generator that can automatically detect the slices by identifying the center angle and radius. Some people even label their data manually which is not an ideal situation as it takes time and if they forget something then there would be no option to edit it later on so automatic detection is preferred.

4. Category Names Labels

The categories in the Pie Charts should also be printed with labels so that it is easy for people to read them. The labels can be printed on the outer edge of the chart if printing outside the chart is preferred but if you are using software where you have to place them manually then they should be placed in between two slices which will prevent them from overlapping.

5. Customize the Chart Size on the Pie Chart Maker

The chart size should be customizable which means you must have a pie chart generator that can automatically resize the pie charts according to your specifications so that they are readable by people who are not used to reading them. If you want certain slices of the Pie Charts to be more visible then you can select them and make their size more prominent which will help you in understanding the data better.

6. Type of Data

If you are using a pie chart generator then make sure that it can handle any type of data like text, numbers, or even barcodes. If the generator is not able to handle this type of work then there is no point in using it because data visualization is a must these days and you need to make sure that you use a tool that can handle your needs. Use the Venngage graph maker to make visual presentations for different types of data.

7. Label Formatting

The pie chart generator should have the option to customize the formatting of the labels as per the user’s choice so that they can be easy to read and understand by everybody. If you have to use a pie chart generator then it should have the feature of automatically formatting the labels according to your specifications so that the communication is clear and concise.

8. Label Alignment

The labels in a Pie Chart Generator should be printed in such a way that they are left-aligned which will provide a professional look to them.

9. Angle of the Slice

The angle in which you draw a slice in a Pie Chart determines how many slices will be there when it is completed, but the key thing here is that if you want to increase or decrease the number of slices then it should be done manually because automatic detection can only detect the center angle and radius which means anything outside of this will not be detected. This information can be very useful in cases where you have to create Pie Charts with irregular shapes. Free svg pie chart generator

10. Fill Pattern

The pie chart generator should also allow you to customize the filling pattern so that your data is easy to understand by the user and delivers the required message about it. The color of the pie chart should also be customizable which means you can select a color that will suit your data and looks good on all backgrounds.

11. Pie Graph Depth

The Pie Graphs should be drawn in such a way that they appear to have a 3D look which will make them more attractive and easy to read. The label formatting feature can be used with this option as well if you need some text inside the pie charts then it will show up more prominently. Free svg pie chart generator


If you are looking for a pie chart creator then make sure that it has these 11 features to give you the best results which will make your data easy to understand. If you are not able to find this information online then feel free to contact the company’s support center and they should be more than happy to assist you with all your needs.