December 7, 2023


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14 Great Ways for Showing Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition board

Employee Recognition board

Employee Recognition board: When running a business, you’re aware that there are many factors that influence its success. From having a useful product and offering top-notch services to developing a stellar social media marketing strategy that will show all your strong suits, you cannot afford to overlook anything that can help you attract more customers. One important aspect of having a successful company is paying attention to your employees and making sure that they are satisfied. Here are a few ways how you can show them recognition and improve your talent retaining efforts.

Have a well-developed onboarding process

First and foremost, you need to work on your onboarding process. Hiring employees is a time- and money-demanding task and you should not throw it all away by not welcoming new hires properly. You want the onboarding to go smoothly so that they feel comfortable in the company from the moment they step foot in it. You want a person or team that will be in charge of welcoming the new member and showing them around the office. That way, they will know who to turn to when they need advice or help and be less likely to make mistakes that might take down their confidence and lead to them quitting.

Create a diverse and inclusive environment

A big part of making your new hires feel right at home is creating a work environment that is diverse and inclusive. If your employees feel safe and valued, they are more likely to keep working for your company for a long time. With that in mind, you want to champion diversity and inclusion and care for your staff by using inclusive language, having a diversity program, and developing resource groups where workers can connect with like-minded individuals with similar identities. No kind of discrimination should be tolerated.

Make a comfortable break room

Besides feeling safe in the workplace, employees also feel valued and recognized when they are comfortable. That means that you should not disregard the importance of a cozy break room. If they typically work in cubicles, you want a room where they can relax and talk to co-workers. Add a few couches and armchairs, maybe a TV or video gaming console. On the other hand, if they often work in groups in open spaces, quiet, secluded rooms might be better for when they need to recharge their batteries during a break.

Reward teams that achieve great results

However, providing employees with a great environment is simply not enough. You should also show your appreciation through words and rewards. For example, if your company operates in teams and everyone has a task to do, you want to recognize those that achieve incredible results. Finishing an assignment ahead of time with a stellar outcome needs to be rewarded in some way. You can take the team out for dinner, provide them with some time off, or give them a bonus. That being said, you should still remember to congratulate every team that completes tasks on time, as every victory counts toward the end goal.

Give recognition to individual accomplishments

Some companies simply do not benefit from teamwork. In that case, you also want to reward your individual employees for all the great work they are doing. From sharing the great feedback your partners provided for the task they finished successfully to showing them the overwhelmingly positive reaction of customers to an online post about their work, there are countless ways how you can make your staff members feel more appreciated. Moreover, you can also acknowledge some personal accomplishments like getting a new home, welcoming a child, or simply donating blood.

Organize a vote for employee of the month

Being recognized by the management is great and all, but having their co-workers notice their hard work will boost your employees’ confidence even further. So, you can introduce the Employee of the Month award that the entire staff will vote for. For example, you can have it near the end of the month and have everyone name a reason why they chose a specific employee. It can be anonymous or everyone can explain their decision during a monthly meeting if there are not that many employees. You can give the winner a little badge or trophy and have their photo displayed somewhere. This will encourage them and the other workers to try even harder to have their work noticed.

Start a program that will highlight exceptional behavior

In addition to highlighting one specific employee each month, you can also introduce a program that will put exceptional behavior into focus. So, for instance, you can award points for simple tasks like being punctual, helping co-workers, and meeting deadlines. After a while, these points can be redeemed for all sorts of prizes such as leaving early, getting better parking, or some other perks.

Remember important dates in their lives

Employees will feel more appreciated and thus be more likely to stay in your employ if you show them that you pay attention to them and various details about their private life as well. With that in mind, you want to make a calendar that will include all the important dates in their lives. For example, you want to remember birthdays and work anniversaries, especially if you’re a small company. While it might not always be possible to keep up with such dates in huge companies, relying on an app for this is a great approach. To mark the occasion, you can consider giving your employee a gourmet gift hamper that can include everything from sweets and savory treats to bottles of bubbly. Depending on what they like, you can customize these while you can also include flowers, a personalized card, and other goodies.

Provide your workers with different perks

There is no rule that says you should treat your workers only on special occasions. Therefore, you should start providing workers with different regular perks. For example, they should not have to pay for parking during work hours. Then, maybe you can work out a plan with a local gym that would allow them to have a discount on membership and get a chance to stay fit, which is crucial if they spend the majority of the day in front of a computer. Depending on what you do, there are so many complementary services and products your staff could also benefit from. Employee Recognition board

Show your staff that you care about their professional development

To show your employees that you are interested in them for the long-term and want a long and prosperous collaboration, you should look into ways of helping them with professional development. For instance, you can find classes that would help your staff develop new skills or work on the existing ones. From taking on a new language to learning the basics of a new software solution, you can try various things to show how much you care.

Implement a mentorship program

Another way how you can boost their professional development is by implementing a mentorship program. Having senior employees help out the rookies with various assignments can not only result in a higher quality of work but more independence in the long run. See which staff members are willing to share their knowledge and contribute to the company’s success. Moreover, you can also invite expert speakers to teach your employees some valuable lessons.

Allow flexible work arrangements

You can also show appreciation by allowing flexible work arrangements. For example, if your work allows it, employees can work from home on some days like when they have to take care of their kids. Another option is to let them come in late when they have some pressing obligations. Furthermore, maybe they can leave early if they’re done with all their tasks for the day. There are countless other ways how you can accommodate their schedule if something comes up. Employee Recognition board

Help them focus on work-life balance

Allowing flexible work hours is a big part of helping your employees have a good work-life balance. Another thing you should do is encourage them to set boundaries. There is no need for them to be available 24/7 to you. They need specific work hours, especially if they work from home. During these, they will do their tasks and you should be able to reach them, but they need time for themselves, family, and friends after. You can also suggest that they take a break or some time off when you see it might be necessary.

Don’t overlook the importance of salary

Finally, while all of the abovementioned perks and rewards can be great for boosting employees’ confidence and getting them to stay loyal to the company, you cannot overlook the importance of salary. It’s necessary that you pay your workers what they deserve. It’s simple; sometimes, money is the deciding factor, no matter how good the atmosphere is at work. To account for workers like these, look into what your rivals are paying skilled talent and make sure you have competitive salaries.

You are surely aware of how important employees are for your company’s day-to-day operations. With that in mind, you should do everything in your power to retain them. Take these 14 ideas into account for the best results.