December 3, 2023


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4 Winning Cards that Successful Businesses Possess

sales promotion examples

sales promotion examples

The road to success in every business has its own turns and twists.  From the very moment that a business officially starts till the day it is recognised as a successful business, it goes through hard times and faces many challenges. The way these challenges are met defines, to a great extent, how successful a business can be. Each business grows in a unique context and needs to be evaluated in regard to the problems and potentials that that context offers. There are yet certain measures that most, if not all, successful businesses take so as to take roots and grow tall. This article discusses four features of successful businesses and elaborates on how they contribute to success.

Successful Businesses Differ

A simple yet effective policy that successful businesses adhere to. If you are starting a new business, bear in mind that doing exactly the same things that your competitors do will not bring you any luck. Why should I, as a regular customer of a cafe, go to a new one if the service, the prices, and for that matter everything else is the same? I will be tempted, however, if I hear that the latte served there tastes better, free wifi is available, or it overlooks the main street. When a new business starts, perhaps the first question answered should be this “ How different is my business going to be from the already existing ones? Successful businesses provide more than one answer to such a question. They know that they must offer a variety of choices to their customers to prefer them over similar businesses around the corner.

 Suppose they cannot sell their product at a lower price. In that case, they consider producing it with higher quality, delivering it in a shorter time, guaranteeing it for a longer time, offering better payment terms, and so forth. So this is all about options. The more options they provide, the more customers they gain. Just think about how iPhone won many hearts when it added some features that enabled the blind to use its smartphones. Similar examples can be found with old and new businesses around you.

Successful Businesses Discriminate

Yes, discrimination is not that bad. How would you feel if you bought some stuff from a neighbouring supermarket and received a 30 per cent discount because it was your birthday or the third time you shopped there, or you and the manager’s son had the same name? These are simple sales promotion examples that bring many customers to many businesses, resulting in more sales and, consequently, more profit. It is also the best way to get rid of outdated or close-to-expiry products. When you are told that you can have some privileges if you ate at a certain restaurant or ordered certain goods, you get a feeling that you are winning something precious, something that many wish to have, but it’s only you and some other folks who have been given this golden opportunity. It makes you think that you are special to them and you get a sense of belonging to that place. If you think back carefully, you will notice that perhaps the umbrella hanging from the peg next to the ref or the pair of sneakers you bought for $90 two years ago were bought due to such reasons one of these circumstances and that you have been since then shopping from them frequently.

Successful Businesses Adapt

There are various strategies to improve your business. Flexibility is among the most important ones. New trends are introduced every now and then, and along with them, a whole new set of expectations arrive. Naturally, what you offer to your customers must meet their expectations. You cannot just stick to the same policy you had ten years ago and ignore your customers’ taste changes. That is why successful businesses constantly adapt to customer behaviour. This might include how they prefer to pay, what changes they like to see in the product they buy, how it is delivered to them, and so forth. Another set of expectations has to do with what the market conditions impose. Take, for instance, how Covid-19 made big and small businesses and numerous customers adapt to new ways of ordering, shipping, and delivery. For a while, everything stopped, but little by little, everyone realised that they had to adapt to the new situation and look for ways through which they could somehow get their business running. Nevertheless, many businesses fell apart due to not being able to adapt to the new situation. Of course, any adaptation requires some time to work out, and an overnight result is out of question.

Successful Businesses Begin from Home

It is nice if a business opens new branches across a country. It is even nicer if it receives demands from overseas. What makes a company that successful? There are many factors involved. Funding, workforce, and advertisements are among the most important ones. However, successful businesses begin with the nearest customers they could have. They can reach out to them more quickly and tell them about their product/service. Also, delivering the product or providing the service takes less time. Locals also prefer receiving services from nearer companies as it entails spending less money and time. Therefore successful businesses invest primarily in attracting locals.

 How does it work? It’s easy. Let us suppose that you provide all sorts of car services in Melbourne. Naturally, you want everyone in Melbourne to know about you and the services that you provide. In order to achieve this, you just need to go online and type “ Local SEO Melbourne“. You will then see a list of all SEO companies in Melbourne. An SEO company introduces you and your services to the locals in different ways so that they get to know about you and your services more and more within a short time. The more they hear about you, the higher the chances that they come to you. What makes local SEO so impressive and effective is that it relates what you do to what people around you need. Make a list of the most successful businesses around you that started during the past decade. Do a little research on how they expanded. It will not be long before you find out that they have all, more or less, relied on local SEO as one of the principal means of development.


Successful businesses share some features and policies that newly-established businesses can learn from. In this article, we introduced four of the most effective tools they use in their quest for success. Share your ideas with us and let us know if any of these strategies have worked out for you as well.