December 7, 2023


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5 Carat Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Buying Guide

baguette emerald cut diamond ring

baguette emerald cut diamond ring

Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds are diamonds created in a laboratory and made to mimic the natural diamond. The process of creating these diamonds is done with the same tools and techniques that are used in diamond mining. In order to make them simulate the natural diamond as closely as possible, Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds need to go through different processes to create a look just like any other mined diamond.

Benefits of Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds

1. More affordable for consumers.

The process used to create these diamonds does not involve mining. It is an inexpensive process that allows for production runs that are larger than a mined diamond. These diamonds are therefore more affordable for consumers and the price will remain stable regardless of the fluctuations in the market. Also, since these diamonds can be created by the hundreds from one single machine, this helps to preserve their value much better.

2. Better quality.

The process used to create Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds ensures that they have better quality than naturally mined diamonds. The diamond is put through more intense processes to ensure that it has the same precision and clarity as a desirable mined diamond.

3. Longer life-span.

One of the key advantages of Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds is that they are able to survive much longer than mined diamonds without losing their quality for consumers, who can use them for a lifetime. This can be attributed to the fact that these diamonds are much harder than mined diamonds and this helps them to keep their appearance longer as well as to keep their value stable, especially if they are used as gifts. baguette emerald cut diamond ring

4. Greater value.

Because of the fact that Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds undergo better quality control, they will have a greater value than any other mined diamond. This increases the chance for consumers to be able to resell these diamonds for an increased price if necessary.

Get to know

RareCarat is one of the leading companies in the business of helping people to find and buy diamonds. The company is based out of the United States and has been providing online diamond buying services for over three years now. The company will also be expanding its services to other countries all over the world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany soon. The company provides many types of products to its customers all over the world that include Emerald cut diamond, anniversary rings, engagement rings, jewelry gifts etc.

Get the best 5 Carat Emerald Cut Lab Diamond deals from

1. Ask for discount

The company has a special discount policy which allows its customers to get great deals on their numerous products. Customers can ask for a discount on any item or product that is available for sale at the company’s website by providing their email addresses and the product name. These details will be used to send over discount offers to users through email.

2. Earning reward points

In order to increase loyalty among its clients, the RareCarat company started a program through which its users could earn reward points by making purchases on the company’s website. For every dollar spent on a purchase, one point is earned by the client and this point can be used as cash towards a future purchase made at the company’s website. baguette emerald cut diamond ring

3. RareCarat’s VIP program

The company also has a VIP program for its most loyal customers who spend over 25,000 points. These clients are given special discounts by the company and also have their own private account managers who will help them to make their purchases at any time and in any location.

4. Free ring resizing

The company has a free ring resizing service provided at its website. This service can be utilized by any customer who wants to save money by having their rings resized at the site’s facility at no extra charge. The rings can also be sent back for repair or replacement.

The 5 carat diamond price

The cost of 5 carat diamond is dependent on the quality of the diamond and the demand. In the case of 5 carat diamonds, better quality will also mean more expensive as they are rare gems. If a customer is looking for such diamonds, then he should search from various sources to get the best deal. The average cost is around $18, 000. And it is the most popular diamond size for engagement rings.


Lab-grown diamonds are not a novelty anymore. They are now available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and qualities. Another advantage associated with lab-grown ones is the fact that they can be made using sustainable practices with a lesser impact on the environment than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are far less expensive than their mined counterparts as well, making them a viable alternative to mined stones in several sectors as well as allowing them to be used by all consumers. baguette emerald cut diamond ring

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