September 30, 2023

5 Essentials You Should Always Have in Your Car

car camping essentials

car camping essentials

Car camping essentials: Accidents are a common occurrence. People are afraid of plane crashes, but car crashes happen way more often. So, when you are driving, it pays to be prepared. You can’t really plan out when you are going to crash or when your car is going to break down so the best solution is to be prepared 365 days a year. Today, we will list some of the most useful essentials that you should have in your car in the case that any inconvenience happens.

1. An Emergency Kit

When people talk about first aid kits, they usually correlate them with big, life-threatening injuries. This is far from the truth. There doesn’t have to be a serious accident in order for a first aid kit to come in handy. If you get a cut or got bit by a dog, a kit on the ready can really come in handy, especially when a fast disinfectant is needed. In some places, you are even legally obliged to have a spare first aid kit with yourself in the vehicle. You don’t have to go looking for expensive all-in-one kits either. Just assembling the necessities yourself, is enough. Make sure that the container with the equipment is sturdy.

Some of the things you should have, are:
• Disinfectant

• Gauze

• Alcohol swabs

• Scissors

• A variety of bandages

• Band-aids

• Gloves

While some non-medical materials you should have at your disposal include:
• A reflective jacket

• A flashlight

• Insurance papers

• Maps of the region you are located in (this can be a tricky one if it’s a long journey, seeing as you don’t have a way of predicting where you will become stranded. The best solution is to have a larger map that encompasses the wider area)

2. Tyre Essentials

You always want to have a spare tyre and a tyre pressure gauge at your disposal. Having the correct tyre pressure is essential for a safe trip. Although, this will vary from vehicle to vehicle (usually you can find this information in the owner’s manual. During colder times the optimal pressure in passenger cars when it’s cold is from 32 psi to 35 psi. When the tyres are colder than usual, it creates friction between them and the road resulting in heat being generated, and because there is more heat, the temperature of the tyres rises, as well as the air pressure. So having a pressure gauge during winter is extremely important, as it allows you to regularly check the tyre pressure.

Having a spare tyre is kind of a no-brainer. In the event that you get a flat tyre, you will need to change it. Make yearly check-ups just to make sure the spare tyre is in proper shape, as it can be quite devastating to be in an accident, only to bring out the spare and find out it’s barely usable.

3. Water and Non-perishable Food

Among the main travel essentials are water and food. Always keep a backup bottle of water in your car alongside some non-perishable food. Cars are prone to breaking down, and if you use your car frequently to travel long distances, having some water in your car could sometimes be a lifesaver. Choose food that is not heat-sensitive and has a longer expiration date. Whether you broke down and need to wait several hours for assistance, or are isolated from civilization due to breaking down in the middle of nowhere, these necessities will always come in handy (also perhaps you will be thirsty when driving to work, it’s a win-win).

4. A Spare Car Key

Have you ever been in a car lockout? If not, good. If so, you understand the necessity of having a spare car key. Everyone can forget small items from time to time, and forgetting your keys is a relatively large blunder. In this situation, one of the best choices you have is having a spare key around. Another situation that can happen is your key breaking off in the lock. But before you can utilize the spare key, you need to do 2 things. 1. Get the broken key out of the lock and 2. make sure that the lock isn’t unusable. However, this entire ordeal can be avoided altogether by getting a high-quality key from a mobile locksmith. And another benefit of having a spare key (and arguably a more relatable one) is that it will save you money. It’s one of those spend money to gain money type of deals. By getting a spare key, you will avoid going through the ordeal of getting out of a car lockout, or, God forbid if you are locked out of your car and you need to get to work posthaste. Better not picture that scenario (or the aftermath).

5. Winter is Coming, and You Better Have Some Antifreeze

Antifreeze is essential for the colder months, especially if your car is prone to icing over. Pair the antifreeze with a de-icer and an ice scraper and you will be able to get moving in a matter of minutes instead of worrying for half an hour. Having a blanket at your disposal can also come in handy during the colder days to prevent yourself from freezing in a harsher climate. Also, here’s an efficiency tip. In order to completely clear internal windscreen condensation, wipe it with a car squeegee before the vehicle warms up.

Bonus: Always Have Some Spare Money in the Car

I always hide some cash under the seat or in the glove compartment. You never know when you will need some spare cash for an unplanned expense. Have enough cash lying around to cover for buying gas, food, or a payphone. Most of the things that you will urgently need in the moment are inexpensive, so don’t trouble yourself with thinking that you don’t have enough money. This will get you through any unplanned events.

As you might have guessed, none of these items are expensive. They are all easily reachable items that you can afford. So why not get them if they ensure your safety?

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