September 21, 2023

5 Fashion Rules You Should Never Break

fashion to figure

fashion to figure

Don’t cross the red light. Do not drink water in class. Do not lie. These are some of the rules you must have heard in your lifetime. But have you ever heard of the Fashion rules? Well, we are sure you haven’t. 

Let us tell you; these are some of the regulations related to the fashion world that you should never break if you don’t want to scare other people with your apparel. So, what are those rules? Well, keep on reading to find the answer. 

Some fashion rules, not to break

It would be difficult for an individual to digest large chunks of information at a time. The same is why we will discuss each rule individually to ensure your complete understanding. That being said, let’s start with the content. 

1. Jeans & T-Shirts Are A Permanent Savior

No matter if you are a boy or a girl. No matter your age or body size, jeans and t-shirts are one of the apparel we have all worn multiple times. The same is why it’s always worth investing in jeans and t-shirts that align with your personality. However, there are a few things you need to checklist while purchasing such clothing pieces. For instance, buy a classic pair as it’s easy to combine with any t-shirt you have. 

2. Elements define your look

Little matters the most when we talk about creating a look. Hence, use details such as scarves, bags, and ornaments to make your face speak about your personality. For instance, if you carry a decent character, subtle white, beige, and cream-colored scarves will do well. Or you can go a bit fancy by endorsing some bright-colored stuff such as a blue colored scarf, multi-colored bag, and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, please note that getting yourself good quality apparel is essential in case you do not want to spend your savings after every month or two. There are a bunch of online and offline options available in this regard. However, we suggest you go with a trusted option such as the Shearling Store to ignore all sorts of problems in the long run. 

3. Don’t Be A Joker

Colors are undoubtedly one of the best things humans have. Different colors have different meanings and impacts. For instance, red is the symbol of love yet resembles blood. White reflects peace, and blue tells us about calmness. 

However, mixing ununified colors can bring drastic changes to your outfits. So, always be careful while creating a mix and match of colors. For instance, pairing up brown and red is a big NO NO. the char of red will cancel out the decency of brown- killing the whole look. 

So try to stay precise and get your hands on those colors placed alternatively on the color wheel. An excellent way to stay updated about current trends is following celebrities and fashion designers on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok.

4. Don’t Get Sloppy

Every other woman heads out of their house in t-shirts and denim. We all are guilty here. However, this sloppy fashion can become a fashion disaster if you do not care what you throw on. 

Remember, your dressing sense describes your personality. Here is a rule you must remember in such situations: Don’t combine loose with loose and fitted with fitted. If you have out on baggy jeans, pair them with a checked shirt and vice versa. Also, pay close attention to colors- consider the above-mentioned point for help. 

5. Play with Silver & Gold

Last but not least, let’s talk about gold and silver. It was a common myth in the 90s that you should never make a combination of these two popular colors. However, the good news is this myth is busted now. 

The launch of Chanel’s Gabrielle bag in 2017 was a game-changer. It features a bit of detailing of silver and gold chains hanging around the bag’s base. The bag made people realize it’s not the silver and gold that causes problems but a poorly designed product. Thus for people with a good fashion sense, these two colors are nothing less than a blessing. One best products in this regard would be men’s sheepskin shearling jackets men or women sheepskin shearling jackets. 


On the bottom line, the fashion world is filled with the latest trends and never fading products. The same is why one must possess proper knowledge about the industry to not look like an alien. The same is why we have presented this ultimate guide that will teach you how you can slay in 2023.

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