5 FREE YouTube Videos Widget Tools For Your Website

FREE YouTube Videos Widget

FREE YouTube Videos Widget

YouTube has been the greatest source of interesting entertainment to date, despite the fact that it is free. YouTube can be very engaging as evidenced by the fact that we have caught ourselves spending hours there watching odd videos.

Looking at the prolonged hours that YouTube users leverage on the platform, it was crucial for brands and marketers to include the platform in their marketing efforts to gain maximum benefits.

Business marketers have started to embed YouTube videos widget into their websites to reap advantages like escalated user engagement, improvement in content quality of your website, reduction of its bounce rate, and gaining the confidence of your customers with User-Generated videos.

There are various tools available, but it’s crucial to choose the one that best suits your needs and streamlines the embedding process. In this blog, we will be guiding you through the best tool options available to you, that can be used to effectively collect, curate, and embed social media content on your website.

By the time you reach the end of this post, you will be able to choose the best fit according to your needs and requirements. Let’s get started!

The Most Effective Tools To Embed YouTube Videos On Your Website

1.    Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a leading social media aggregation platform that enables you to collect, curate, and embed content from various social media networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and 20+ social media platforms.

The highlight of the tool is that it allows you to select your connection type before aggregating your videos. You may gather YouTube videos using the channel URL, shorts, playlist, keywords, and location using the functionality of this brilliant tool.

Once the videos are collected, you may personalize the widget by choosing from a variety of themes, layouts, and design components and by adding colors to suit your preferences.

With the use of the advanced moderation feature in the Taggbox widget, you can remove irrelevant content that presents you with a selection of videos that best suit your needs.

You can now generate the code and paste it wherever you like on websites to embed the widget using a quick and simple approach.

Other major features of the tool are insightful analytics, real-time automatic content updates, and a 24×7 present back support team for assisting users if they encounter any issues while using the tool.

2.    Social Feed by POWR.io

Through the creation of a single gallery, POWR Social Feed makes it simple for you to include YouTube videos widget on websites automatically.

They have a Design area where you can select numerous options, like how frequently the YouTube video gallery should update, how many videos to display at once, and the size of the templates.

However, the order of the videos cannot be changed, and are automatically presented in the order that they were uploaded.

3.    Tagembed

Tagembed is the next tool on the list. The tool seeks to promote engagement by embedding free YouTube videos widget on websites in order to increase visitor engagement for your website.

You can select the kind of content you want to be presented by using a variety of parameters, such as the channel URL, playlist, keyword, or location.

After choosing the content type, you can alter the display’s themes, fonts, styles, and layouts to suit your preferences. Additionally, they support you in the background by offering a performance statistics option.

4.    Juicer

Juicer is another great social media aggregation tool to collect and embed social media content effortlessly on the website. Juicer offers the unique ability to directly embed YouTube videos widget on websites by customizing the embedded code and profile URL.

Juicer’s sign-up process is quick and simple, and you can simply discover your account URL and embed code inside the Juicer dashboard.

Similar to other solutions, it provides capabilities including content aggregation, wall customization, content moderation, and most importantly analytics. FREE YouTube Videos Widget

5.    Stackla

The last option on the list is Stackla which offers UGC Widgets that are dynamic. The users of this tool can embed their preferred widget on the website in a few clicks and steps.

Additionally, they offer easily accessible, mobile-friendly galleries with a variety of options. Moreover, you can pick from a variety of unconventional styles. You gain full creative power and access to built-in style tools. FREE YouTube Videos Widget

Final Conclusion

We are calling it a wrap and here is the list is a few spectacular tools that are meant for embedding YouTube widgets into your business website.

All the aforementioned options are responsive and do not require any coding skills to be leveraged. Needless to say, this strategy has garnered immense attention from marketers all around the world due to the benefits that come along with it. If you too wish to join them, go on, pick your preferred option and embed dynamic videos on your website from YouTube!

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