5 Helpful iCloud Storage Tips and Tricks

cancel icloud storage

cancel icloud storage

Long gone are the days of being restricted to your Apple device memory. In 2011 iCloud storage was introduced, which revolutionized storage solutions across Apple products.

iCloud wirelessly connects all your devices and can stores backups, amongst other things. But are you making the most out of your Apple iCloud? There are over 850 million estimated iCloud users, but many do not utilize the storage.

Here are five helpful iCloud tips to make the most out of it!

1. Control iCloud Backup

Check your iCloud settings to see what it is backing up. You can backup your entire Apple device to iCloud, but the iCloud backup setting needs to be enabled. It will do its own backups, but you can also click ‘Back Up Now’ whenever you want.

You can also choose what your Apple device applications are backing up to save space. Apps such as Instagram have their backup so that you can stop unnecessary backing up to iCloud.

2. Manage iCloud Storage

iCloud frees up space, such as iCloud Photos, to optimize Apple device storage. However, you may find your iCloud gets full after some time too!

You can opt for alternative storage solutions, such as third-party photo storage. Or you can pay for more iCloud storage. But first, see if you can free up iCloud storage space.

For example, to learn how to delete duplicate pictures from iCloud, click here. You can also delete previous Apple device backups too.

3. Access iCloud on All Devices

You can access your Apple iCloud on all devices, including non-apple products! On Mac, you go to system preferences, then Apple ID, then iCloud.

There is also an iCloud for Windows application. You can access your storage no matter what devices you use!

You can choose what information you want to sync between devices. You can sync settings notes, contacts, bookmarks, and other files.

4. Try iCloud Family Sharing

iCloud Family Sharing lets you share a 200GB iCloud plan with up to five family members. It saves multiple family members from paying for a storage plan.

You might already be part of a Family Sharing Apple plan. If not, go to Settings, your Apple ID profile, and click Set Up Family Sharing. It also allows you to share purchases, photos, locations and control children’s devices.

5. Utilize iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is essentially a password manager. You can access passwords and credit card information securely. It is good to have a backup password solution; however, Keychain is an easy way to share between devices.

Maximize Your iCloud Storage

iCloud is constantly evolving, so it is essential to keep on top of your iCloud storage settings. If you do not edit your Apple device settings, you may be missing out on the best features!

It will also save you stress if something happens to a device. There is no need to worry, as the information you want will be accessible on iCloud!

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