5 Lockdown habits to keep & 5 to leave in the New Normal

Lockdown habit

Lockdown habit

What is the worst year in the history of humankind? Most will agree that it is 2020, and we all know the reason why. We are slowly going back to the usual ways, accepting the new normal and staggering back to our ordinary life. All of us have taken up some bad habits and some good habits during the pandemic. There are many lockdown habits that you should be better off leaving behind. Below is the list of the good and bad ones.

Lockdown habit 1 – Long Screen time

The long period of lockdown gave a lot of time to all of us. And in this time, we all have stuck to digital devices. Either to connect with people or to get rid of boredom. Because of social distancing, even those who were socially active and stayed away from phones got addicted to digital devices.

Now when everything is slowly going back to normal, it is difficult to get rid of the phone addiction. It should be the first habit that you should quit. You must have gotten computer glasses to facilitate your long screen time. But even with computer glasses, you are spending an abnormally long period on digital screens.

After a year of solitude, you should meet your friends physically rather than on digital devices. Get vaccinated and meet friends and family while maintaining the post-lockdown regulations.

Lockdown habit 2 – Working from home

Offices will reopen after lockdown. You will go back to your office. Or you can choose to work from home. While working from home, you do not need to commute to the office. You can wake up and get on your computer and start working. You don’t need to dress up as it doesn’t matter. Really? While working from home, you worked however you liked. You might have even missed your lunch and dinner as you don’t have a tab on how long you are working. You might stretch your working hours and take fewer breaks in between.

This habit has affected your health and your vision. Get a free eye test with the NHS to know your eye condition.

Lockdown habit 3 – Shopping Local

With most facilities shut down, you must have gone to local stores to get your things. Post-lockdown, keep this habit and go to a local farmer’s market to get your veggies.

Lockdown habit 4- Meet for a walk

How did you socialise with your friends? On zoom may be or in parks while out for a walk. You could not meet your friends at restaurants or bars because of the lockdown. So you met them while going for a walk. You can keep this healthy habit and meet your friends for a morning jog.

Lockdown habit 5 – Staying indoors

For a yearlong, you stayed indoors. With the restrictions gone, you should go out. Get rid of FOGO (fear of going out) and get some fresh air and sunlight.

Lockdown habit 6 – Growing veggies

How many of us got down to earth and started growing vegetables? Probably a lot of us. Fresh vegetables became a rarity, and with too much idle time, you started growing vegetables with your family. You can keep this habit and eat healthy food grown in home gardens.

Lockdown habit 7 -Learning online

With schools shut down, online learning platforms increased. Children started spending long hours on computers to attend classes. It has helped in getting education for children of all ages but also raised concern for eye health. With too much blue light emitted from the computer screens, people of all age suffered from eye strain, eye fatigue and insomnia.

Online learning platforms will not shrink even after lockdown is over. To adjust to this new normal, get computer glasses. Buy glasses online with blue light blocking lenses and stylish frames.

Lockdown habit 8 -Too much booze

If you have relied on alcohol to get by the past year, sober up. Go out with your friends and leave too much boozing behind. Too much alcohol consumption is harmful to your vision. Get a free eye test and check the well being of your eyes. If your eyes have become weak from your hedonist lifestyle, get prescription glasses and limit your heavy drinking.

Lockdown habit 9 – Mind matters

However bad the past year was, you bottled up all the hurt and loneliness. With the lockdown restrictions lifted, let loose and take care of the mind matters. Consult with doctors if needed. Don’t ignore your mental health.

Lockdown habit 10 – Comfort Eating

Time has come to shed that extra pounds. Go out jogging and get back to your old shape and say no to comfort eating. Times will change, and you should get back to your old glamorous look.

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