December 7, 2023


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5 Smart Technologies Which Changed Our Lives Extremely

Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies

Let’s start this article by reminding of much simpler times—the early or the late 90s. Most of us were probably children, waking up early in the morning just to watch our favorite cartoons. We used to watch cartoons based on futuristic events like Mobile Suit Gundam, The Jetsons, Outlaw Star, etc. There were even games similar to Book of Dead but with much simpler mechanics. These shows and games showed up what the potential future would look like—a world where humans and cyborgs are almost unidentifiable from one another, where robotics and artificial intelligence are used for the improvement of mankind.

Smart Technologies

What Are The Five Smart Technologies That Have Changed Our Lives?

We are living in a world surrounded by smart technology gadgets. Some of the technologies that are still changing our lives include:

1.     Autonomous Vehicles

While adding self-driving cars to this list may seem too cliché today, we have to admit that the technology is here to stay and has many potentials that cannot be ignored. For instance, Tesla’s Autopilot system is one of the most well-known autonomous systems today – it is capable of driving a freeway by itself. It has even been expected that the company will take a fully autonomous drive across the country. All new Tesla cars are equipped with fully autonomous driverless hardware and software like radar, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors.

From the example above, we can be sure that autonomous vehicles will be the mode of transport in the future. These vehicles have much better driving abilities than humans, thanks to artificial intelligence, sensors, and onboard supercomputers. It will lead to fewer accidents; in fact, it has been estimated that approximately 300,000 lives can be saved each decade in the US alone.

2.     Augmented Reality For Surgeries

Augmented reality was on the headlines of almost every smart technology news in the last decade, especially after releasing the popular Pokémon Go game. However, the true potential of the tech was just discovered at that time.

Smart Technologies

This type of smart technology has been in use in the medical field for quite some time. For instance, 3D imaging was being used in surgeries long before augmented reality came into being. Vertos Medical Baltimore has found that using augmented reality for treating spinal injuries increased the success rate from 60% to 85% for freehand techniques.

3.     Adding AI To The Human Brain

While most of us are already in awe of smart technology for home, offices, and other general niches, entrepreneurs and scientists are already figuring out how to add AI to the human brain.

Recently, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, started Neuralink Corp; this company is working on adding electrodes in the human brain to help cure and eradicate diseases like epilepsy. Termed as a neural lace between humans and computers, Musk states that this technology could eventually enhance the cognitive abilities of humans, apart from curing diseases.

While this technology might take some more years to see the light of the day, Elon Musk is not the only one pursuing this idea. DARPA, the US Department of Defense research branch, has been working on a similar program and launched it recently.

With such technologies, scientists are hopeful that these advancements will help cure various types of brain diseases and injuries, improve hearing and sight, and even send commands to computers with just a thought.

4.     Quantum Computers

Quantum computers utilize the laws of quantum mechanics to calculate information at a much faster scale. It has been explained that regular computers work with zeroes and ones; on the other hand, a quantum computer works with zeroes, ones, and all its superpositions, which means they can be both zeroes and ones at the same time.

If this smart technology was invented, it has been said that it could help scientists create disease-fighting drugs, which would be impossible with regular computers. It is believed that quantum computers are much better at every aspect – creating impenetrable computer encryption, improving artificial intelligence learning, predicting weather patterns more accurately, etc.

One of the best smart technology examples is that Google has already created some quantum computing processors that will be used to sell additional cloud services. Additionally, governments and researchers can use the processors for free. While there are still many debates taking place over quantum computing, the development of this technology will make computers more powerful.

5.     Satellite Internet

Smart Technologies
Smart Technologies

The company has stated that the satellites would provide smart technology access to the internet for professionals, governmental, institutional, commercial, and residential users worldwide. While it was planned to be released in 2019, Musk states that the technology will launch by the end of 2024. Smart Technologies

The addition of satellite internet worldwide would mean that you will have internet access anywhere you go. Internet will reach more parts of the world and will connect people like never before. Of course, it has been estimated that the implementation of this technology would cost at least $16 billion and would initially come with a few regulatory hurdles. However, if the system is up and running, then reliable internet will be just around the corner. Smart Technologies

Final Thoughts  on Smart Technology

Of course, the above-mentioned smart technology systems are still being developed or have just been launched. While it may not seem like that, implementing these technologies would change our world forever. Smart technology meaning is to make our lives easier, which only means that more such advancements and gadgets may come on our way. All we need to do is sit tight and keep our eyes open! Smart Technologies

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