December 3, 2023


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5 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement with Digital Signage

queue management solution

queue management solution

Queue management solution : Digital Signage is the part of electronic signage to display the information to the customer. It uses a big led screen and projectors to inform customers and engage them. You can also call digital signage the effective queue management solution that helps to update the customer with the essential information.

One of the objectives of every business is increasing customer engagement. Nowadays, while walking down on a street or in shopping malls, everywhere you would see digital signage. Advancement in technology has given a surge to the use of digital signage. Whether the company wants to show its new range of products or needs to update regarding offers, upcoming events, the digital signage will display them and help to grab the customer’s attention.

Today, the need of most companies is to bring the customer interest towards their products or services. So implementing digital signage will prove to be a worthy strategy to influence the customer’s attention

One of the reports says that the digital signage market will grow at a CAGR of 11.2%, and its market can reach 16.3 billion dollars by 2026. Therefore, digital signage has a significant role in drawing the customer’s attention, and we have mentioned certain ways to increase customer engagement using digital signage.


Importance of Digital Signage in today’s time

Today, many things are digitised to change the customer experience. Whether you are a retail firm, managing a large chain of hotels, or in the healthcare sector, you need to display or advertise your services to your target audience. Many organisation has already started to use this technology, if you are thinking to implement it, give your look at the below-mentioned points, explaining its benefits:

  • It is affordable as compared to the manual way of spreading the information. To start with, you do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising your content. You can also begin with displaying advertisements on television but make sure to display relevant content to your target audience.
  • Digital Signage is an attractive way to fetch customer attention towards your services. It is a fact that pictures and videos attract customers more than any other media.
  • After implementing digital signage, also known as a superior queue management solution, can improve customer experience by reducing customer waiting time. You can update them with your business and services while waiting for their turn. Its application is endless as you can use it at any customer touchpoint.
  • We all know that social media place importance on interacting with potential customers. One can update their social media account in electronic signage. It helps to improve the social media engagement level on your social media account.

After exploring the need for digital signage for the business, we will move

towards learning different ways to increase customer engagement.

5 key points to improve Customer Engagement using Digital Signage

Select an Appropriate Place

Setting up digital signage is crucial to get most of it. You need to choose a place that will help to increase customer engagement. For example, you can set it in the waiting area to draw the customer’s attention. It is essential to think twice before placing the digital signage.

Place digital signage in a crowded place like an entry point, and elevators make sense in drawing customer attention. While placing it, you need to consider factors like ambiance light, and the total height of the signage. It will not be a worthy strategy if you set up where there is over lighting or low light because the customer will require to make more effort to read the content on it.

Showcase Store Promotions

Customer engagement is all about how better you communicate. Every business needs to think about consistent branding, whether on their premises or outside. It is difficult for the customers to ignore the large and attractive screen loaded with lots of information while walking in your store. As human beings, we have a tendency to get attracted to visuals. Rather than floating marketing flyers, it will be worthwhile if you place digital signage in your stores, as it could show better results in capturing customer attention.

When you run promotions and offers on your product, you need to communicate with your customer. Using digital signage, you can just display the running offers, create a chance and give reason to customers to stop and see the promotions.

Create a Hype of Upcoming Offer or Product

The tendency of most people is that they always look for more wherever they hit any retail store. If you are a business that frequently launches a new product line or introduces offers, you can take advantage of it by showing it over digital signage. No matter in which industry you are in, customers always eager to check out new services and offers.

So, its an always a chance to convert visitors to customers by giving them multiple options. For this, a need of electronic signage is essential and also the need for an hour.

Reduce Customer Wait

Managing the customer queues is becoming a headache for most businesses. But you need to think and take various steps to eliminate or reduce the customer waiting time. There will be a need to implement a queue management solution to cope up with this issue. Digital signage is an example of such a solution that helps to provide useful information to the customer. 

By providing valuable information, you can help save the customer time and reduce the customer waiting line. This way you will serve them quickly, then you have a great chance that more customers will start looking at you.

Display Product Reviews

There is a tendency of many customers to check the product or service review before purchasing them. Their source could be search engines, social media, etc. Whether you are holding up a retail shop or managing a large retail mart, you can use digital signage.  It is an exceptional queue management solution to display product reviews. It will also fetch the product reviews from different social media accounts and display them to create a sense of trust for your store among your customer.

Wrapping Up

Digital Signage is one of the best and effective ways not only to promote your product but to engage your customers. You need to place them in appropriate places where the customer’s eye catches them easily.

You can consider implementing it due to its numerous benefits that help the business to gain more customer engagement.