6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Cooling Technology

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hvac companies near me

The summer season is kicking at our doors and we all know what this situation brings along. Well, besides the fact we will be able to rock some new exciting outfits in months to follow. We are, of course, talking about cooling and just how taxing the summer season can be to our home HVAC systems.

This issue becomes even more evident in light of the fact that energy prices are on a constant rise and the entire society is moving in a more frugal sustainable direction. To put it simply, keeping your dated AC unit on 24/7 is no longer an option.

Let us take a look then at some of the smart ways to upgrade your home’s cooling system and get the optimal summer experience without wasting any energy or money along the way.

Check if your thermostat working properly

When something goes wrong with the cooling systems, most people start looking at their AC units. The real truth is that latest-gen HVAC systems are composed of dozens of different parts and subsystems that all add to the overall cooling experience on their own capacity. Your AC unit’s thermostat definitely makes it to the top of this list. 

So, if you are experiencing quirks with your cooling system, this is the place to start looking for symptoms. Also, more advanced thermostats come packed with more precise dials and programmable options so installing a new unit always makes a good way to start conserving energy.

Consider automating your home systems

The IoT (Internet of Things) technology is making some real breakthroughs in all areas of industry so it’s really no wonder this concept found its way into our households as well. If you are not familiar with the term, IoT describes a network of devices capable of picking up environmental data, sharing info with similar devices, and adjusting their performance along the way. This concept opens doors to a slew of benefits like more efficient performance, higher levels of automation, remote controls, and so on. Thermostats and AC units that are packed with these features should indeed be on your radar.

Replace your main AC unit as soon as possible

Most people opt to replace their air conditioning units only when they are worn out to such a degree, they are no longer able to start properly. The long road leading to such a state is paved by lost energy, high bills, and, last but not least, poor performance. 

And even though occasional servicing can make this situation more bearable, the fact remains that home appliances are evolving lightning fast, and sticking with older units really makes no sense. With everything we said earlier in mind, buying a latest-gen, energy-efficient air conditioner will save you a lot of trouble in the many hot summers to come.

Install a home humidifier

Humidifiers are devices that turn water into breathable air and make spending time in your home during hot summer months more comfortable. And, if you are thinking adding this type of device to your home system will only add to your monthly bill, you are wrong since more humid air allows you to readjust your thermostat and allow your main AC to cut some slack. 

So, the energy expenditure basically evens itself out. On the other hand, humid indoor air is associated with a lot of health benefits like relieving body pain and discomfort of dry skin, eyes, and lips, which makes this purchase a sure bet.

Consider using house-wide insulation

Smart gadgets and contemporary HVAC units can go a long way in preserving electric energy in your home. But all these efforts can as well fall flat if your house or apartment is not capable of maintaining the interior temperature. This problem can be solved in only one way and yes, we are talking about using a house-wide, top-tier insulation. 

Like in the previous topics we covered here, this may sound like a drastic and expensive move, but only if you don’t take into account long-term benefits. According to a recent study, proper insulation can ramp up your energy savings up to 20% which is something to keep in mind.

Make sure the AC filters are in good shape

Last but not least, let us quickly cover one important topic that is not exclusively related to your home’s energy expenditure but has a huge impact on your well-being nevertheless. We are, of course, talking about the HVAC system filters that are designed to eliminate dangerous pollutants and similar particles that tend to invade your home by way of air conditioning units. 

Inspecting the AC filters before the summer season fully kicks in and AC units are put to real tests and adding additional filtration systems to your HVAC arsenal can only make your home a safer, healthier, and more comfortable place to be in.

So, there you have it – the top six neat ways to upgrade your cooling and HVAC systems and make sure your home will be capable of dealing with hot summer months without breaking a drop of sweat. Even if you don’t opt for all the suggestions we have made, you should keep in mind that sustainability is something we should all strive forward for the benefits that are truly too numerous to count. And if you don’t check all these suggestions off the list this year, you should certainly keep everything we have talked about on your radar in the future.


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