7 Crucial Reasons to Take Mobile App Maintenance Sternly

mobile maintenance

mobile maintenance

Mobile Maintenance: mobile apps have gained huge traction in the market due to the convenience they provide to the customers. If you already have a mobile app for your business, then you must focus on its
maintenance. You should regularly monitor the performance of the mobile app to find and fix
any bugs, add new features and update it to retain the users.

Different types of mobile maintenance

There are different types of mobile maintenance that you should be aware of to ensure that your
app offers great service to the users on a sustained basis. Some of these include the following.

Emergency maintenance

Perfective maintenance This type of maintenance is done if any issues suddenly crop up which needs immediate

In this type of maintenance, developers make the requisite changes in the source code of the
mobile app to add new features and functionalities to improve the user’s experience and meet
their requirements.

Adaptive maintenance

In adaptive maintenance, developers update the system so that the app can work seamlessly
with the operating system or with any new hardware.

Preventive maintenance

As the name suggests, this type of maintenance work is done when an error is identified. In
preventive maintenance, developers do some restructuring of the code or update the
documentation to ensure the app works flawlessly.

Corrective maintenance

In this kind of maintenance, faults of the application are identified and repaired. In this job, the
developer does some corrective maintenance work on the app’s functions, any issues related to
the app design, coding, or even the application logic.

Why it is important to focus on mobile app maintenance

As the owner of the mobile app, your duty does not end by just putting the mobile app in the
App Store, it is just the first part of the job. To ensure the users of your app gets the best
experience, you should regularly do maintenance work on the app. This is done to ensure that
the app not only works flawlessly but has all the latest features that your users need. To
understand the importance of mobile app maintenance you should go through the seven points
we have listed below. These points explain in detail why and how mobile application
maintenance is essential to achieve its goal of getting and retaining customers.
Your app should be in sync with the latest OS update
All major operating systems like Android and iOS keep on adding new features and security
patches to provide a better and secure user experience. Your mobile app should be
synchronised with the latest update of the OS or it will stop working. You must instruct your app
maintenance team to keep track of any beta release of the OS and proactively bring about the
necessary changes in your mobile app so that it works flawlessly when the OS updates are
finally rolled out.
Prevent blacklisting of your mobile app
App stores have several rules and guidelines that the apps that are hosted there must follow.
These rules and guidelines may change sometimes. You must keep track of such changes and

ensure that your mobile app follows the changed rules and guidelines. If you fail to do so, then your app may be blacklisted.

Minimize downtime

Regular maintenance of mobile apps minimize the chances of downtime. If your mobile app is
experiencing downtime then you have to face the double whammy of loss of revenue as well as
the customers. It is therefore important that your technical team should be able to fix the
downtime fast.
Secured against cyber threats
Many online criminals are always on the lookout for any loopholes in the security structure of
mobile apps or websites so that they can hack it. Even if you have used the latest security
encryption and protocols while making the app, they will get outdated over time. App
maintenance will ensure that your apps are secured with the latest security protocols.

Changing user preferences

User’s preference changes over time and new technologies also play an important part in
bringing about these changes. Regular app maintenance that includes addressing any issues
that the user is facing goes a long way in improving user experience and thereby increasing
their loyalty.

Including technical enhancements

You should offer new technical enhancement through regular updates that include new features,
new platforms, and new technology to improve the user’s experience. App maintenance plays
an important role in generating more traffic. You have to monitor the performance of your mobile
app regularly.

Frequent monitoring helps you to stay competitive

Mobile maintenance is a regular job that must be done to keep pace with your competitors. If
you lag in this area, then with time you will find that your competitors’ apps are getting more
traffic as they add new technologies, improve their app design and attract more users.


From the above points, you must have understood why it is important to maintain a mobile app.
Now, one of the daunting questions that might appear in your mind is what is the cost of
maintaining an app? In general, the cost of app maintenance is 20% of overall app development
costs. To know more, you can check this blog on Mobile App Maintenance Cost.

Lastly, we can say that Mobile app maintenance is a comprehensive process that requires an
experienced and skillful team. This technical team should work regularly to keep the app
You must regularly monitor your mobile app so that it is not abandoned by the users or
blacklisted by the App Stores. Furthermore, you must make sure that your app is regularly
synchronized with any changes so that it keeps pace with the changes in software as well as

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