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7 Important Things You Need To Know About SD-WAN Technology

what is sd wan technology

what is sd wan technology

What is sd wan technology: Enterprises are trying out different business strategies and implementing new technologies to stay ahead in the game. Whether it’s BYOD, Cloud, VOIP, SaaS, or mobility, businesses are looking for the finest technologies in the market to stay ahead of their competitors.

Among all the new technologies that businesses are favoring, Cloud technology is seen to be one of the most popular technologies.

After all, Cloud technology has gifted unique gifts to the clan of businessmen:

  • Easy data transfer.
  • Data access from any geographical location.
  • Ease of storage.

Seeing how Cloud technology is changing the market landscape, businessmen have started prioritizing its security. This is where SD-WAN enters the frame. what is sd wan technology

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is the abbreviation of Software-Defined Wide Area Network. It is a type of computer network that allows the bonding of multiple internet access resources, thereby providing a reliable data channel.

An SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture and software-driven technology with the sole purpose of bringing all the internet devices on the same platform.

The key aspect why we are valuing SD-WAN so high is its centralized control. It is because of its centralized control feature network connection, application flow, security mechanism can be separated from the hardware. To better understand SD-WAN technology, visit

Important Things You Should Know About SD-WAN

SD-WAN is not a new technology. It has been in the market for quite a while. But, it is now that enterprises can understand its full potential.

Here are a few things that you need to know about SD-WAN.

1. Improved Edge-To-Edge Productivity

Cybercrime is at its peak in 2021. In fact, at some points, we users can also ask for access to some of the important applications. This might be risky, as it creates loopholes that cybercrime activists can misuse.

SD-WAN offers a security protocol and encrypts the data to ensure only authorized persons access critical data.

2. Enhancing Business Connectivity

SD-WAN is all about offering robust connections.

With the SD-WAN. Users can create a common network that accommodates all the devices and information. Now, the users can allocate critical applications to the robust network and less sensitive data to the public network.

Moreover, this technology helps customers by removing the routing services by offering cloud-based services. what is sd wan technology

3. Reduced OPEX

As the company grows, IT services become complicated. But, with SD-WAN, you can actually automate most of its functions. This scales down your requirement for the IT professionals to take care of your software and applications. SD-WAN has really shown itself to be the perfect network to support all the needs.

4. High-Quality Data Transfer

Not all the applications are prioritized the same. Some flow without any special instruction, while some data transfer is of high quality and requires special care.

SD-WAN recognizes the data based on the priority and selects the shortest and most secure route to transfer critical data. This helps the data transfer process remain congestion-free. what is sd wan technology

5. Centralized Management

SD-WAN defines a data-driven policy with a centralized management system. That means SD-WAN monitors all the data transfers taking place. Best on priority, the path of the data transfer is initiated.

That means no matter where the data is, the SD-WAN controls it. This reduces the complexity and helps the user manage all the data on the network.

6. Increased Application Performance

For every business, their process and application are their lifelines. If anything disturbs the process and its application, it will directly impact the organization. SD-WAN separates the application from the underlying network. This overlay audits the performance of the network and chooses the optimal path for the data transfer. what is sd wan technology

7. Increased Reliability & Responsiveness

For data transfer, there are two elements that you need to be careful about: links and speed. While transferring the data, you must ensure that the links are undisturbed and speed remains optimum. For the optimum results, all the process and application needs to be connected with SD-WAN. This helps the network require consistent performance.


Although SD-WAN is a new concept, it is certainly proving its worth in the cloud-based industry. If you are thinking about implementing SD-WAN in your business, this article will help you understand some of the important things about SD-WAN.

Even after reading this article, you find it’s not enough, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

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