December 2, 2023


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7 In-Demand Business Administration Skills to Advance Your Career

Business Administration Skills

Business Administration Skills

Business Administration Skills: A fast, efficient, and organised business administration professional is invaluable to a well-functioning workplace, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that many companies would crumble without one. But as work environments evolve and the need for fast-paced work rises, conventional hard skills combined with a great business sense may not be enough anymore to find lucrative jobs. Employers are now seeking more specific capabilities as well, so here are some of the most in-demand skills you should develop in an effort to advance your career:

Budget management

Regardless of the career opportunity you are hoping for, budget management can always be beneficial for landing a better role. From daily profits to salaries and large budgets for events, knowing how to manage money can be quite advantageous in any work environment. It shows you are an organised, calculated, and responsible individual who can easily take on more challenging positions and responsibilities. So, aim to improve your budget management capabilities through preparation, attention to detail, financial analysis, budget auditing, reporting, forecasting, and smart goal-setting.

Social media

In this day and age, social media is truly vital to all businesses, which is why this specific skill is so important for advancing your career. You can focus on the platforms that are the most relevant to your industry, or even aim to familiarise yourself with all the popular social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Build followers and professional circles, amplify your work, follow the latest industry news and trending topics, know how to perform keyword research and identify successful hashtags, and learn more about content creation and social media advertising in order to reach success.

Customer service

Whether you work with consumers directly or indirectly, customer service skills are essential to all customer-facing businesses. They help in building the right image, improving customer loyalty, and increasing recommendations, not to mention that they aid in improving your career prospects as well. The more positive feedback you receive from consumers, the better your chances will be of landing a promotion. So, aim to build these capabilities by practising active listening, using positive language, improving your knowledge of products and services, being focused on solutions, and knowing how to empathise.

MBA degree

Certain capabilities require hard proof. If you’d like to go for a promotion by demonstrating you are a well-rounded business administration professional, furthering your education and expanding your knowledge is the way to go. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree tends to be the most popular option in these instances. You can even get an online MBA degree, simply by selecting the programs and courses that suit your schedule and preferences the most. This will help you enhance critical skills such as human resources and strategic management, expand your professional network, and consequently increase potential job opportunities.


Problems are an inevitable aspect of business, and can happen at any time and in any form. To prove yourself as an exceptional employee, it’s not enough to simply identify issues; you also have to solve them. For smaller issues such as absenteeism, consider creating a list of available staff members to recommend to higher-ups instead of simply notifying them of a no-show. When it comes to more complex problems like logistics and financial troubles, problem-solving skills can be built through research, brainstorming, adaptability, and innovation. All of these capabilities combined make an excellent employee.


Businesses, operations, and workflows have to be organised in order to run as efficiently as possible. Work on your organisational skills if you’d like to advance your career. This can be achieved by cleaning your workspace, categorising important documents and other material, starting your days with a to-do list, following a set schedule, identifying certain goals you’d like to meet, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, etc. Once you’ve managed to improve your organisational skills in your personal life, they can easily be applied in your professional life as well, and used as a way of impressing your superiors.


It goes without saying that good communication skills are among the most crucial capabilities you can have in business. Whether you’re talking to consumers, managing teams, giving feedback to colleagues, or getting your managers and bosses up to speed, communication will play an important role in each scenario. To get a better job and advance your career, you will have to be a master communicator. So, aim to enhance these capabilities by engaging in discussions, listening more, being more open and honest, directly asking for feedback, maintaining a positive yet constructive tone, and avoiding accusatory language. A graduate diploma in project management should help you achieve the new heights necessary to become a great leader.

Summing up

Depending on the field, in-demand skills can often change according to needs and priorities. But when it comes to business administration, the capabilities mentioned above remain some of the best, most sought-after ones any individual can develop in order to advance their career.