8 precious and useful tips for designing eye-catchy dispenser boxes

dispenser boxes

dispenser boxes

Dispenser boxes: A lot of questions arise in the mind of the supplier and manufacturer when they talk about the use of dispenser boxes. As the name shows their shape and style, these are the same as dispensers. If you want to present your products appealing and manageable way, then beautifully made custom dispensers should be your first choice. These are used for promotional, branding, and management purpose. There are different types of dispenser boxes;

  1. Custom dispenser boxes
  2. Die-cut dispenser boxes
  3. Perforated dispenser boxes
  4. Hanging dispenser boxes
  5. Counter display dispenser boxes
  6. Window dispensers boxes

First of all, its huge variety and variations in parent design make them attractive and demanding. Add to this, and these are mesmerizing, branded when logo printing on them and used for several purposes. These are used for storing and sorting tissues, medicines, candies, small packets, and other flat things. One could draw or swipe the product from the bottom easily. Dispensers are used at the point of sales and boost the sales. Furthermore, such boxes are useful for shampoos, chocolates, candies, cosmetic items, bubbles, and biscuits.

Printing of the logo:

Whenever a brand prints boxes for their products, they need branded boxes. The first thing that comes to mind is the printing of the logo on the box. This is a very common technique to build the brand and express the vision of the product. Add to this could be printed simply or in brand colors and foilings. There are a couple of types of foiling that are used for the logo printing on the box; gold and silver are at the top of the list. Usually, these are printed on the front panel of the dispensers, but you can also add them on the right and left sides. Whenever someone finds the logo printed box at the point of sale, it boosts your sales and tells customers about the brand.

Hanging options:

The next tip that makes custom cardboard dispensers boxes appealing, eye-catching, and up to the mark is the hanging option. These boxes are hung in the retail shops, and strong one-piece handles in them make them stronger and more durable. By hanging making strong holes in the handles, retailers and shopkeepers easily hang these boxes. Sometimes, people use two-piece handles that are less strong andfall down easily. Strong handles help them in display for a long period of time, for reusing purposes too.

UV coating:

UV coating is also called ultraviolet coating, andthis could be applied to all sorts of boxes materials. Here are a few features of UV coating for the dispensers boxes,

  1. It is very glossy when applied to cardboard
  2. A shiny liquid type of coating is applied to the paper
  3. Ultraviolet light is being used for coatings
  4. This coating hardens the paper or material
  5. This makes your boxes appealing, attractive and can be applied easily
  6. It is applied on folders, brochures, business printed cards, catalogs, papers, game boards, and cosmetic boxes
  7. This convertsa rough surface to the very shiny surface
  8. High clarity in the box make them like photographic
  9. UV coating for wholesale dispenser boxes is totally environmentally friendly.
  10. This dry quickly and was forwarded to the shipping department.

No doubt it has cons too, but in comparison, it has more benefits.

Use window patching with custom die cutting options:

In window patching, a small piece of polyvinyl chloride is added to the box. This could be glued, patched, stapled, and stuck by gums on the die-cut part of the box. These are available in different dimensions and thicknesses. These are transparent and also available in a variety of shades with higher opacity.Here are the most common window patching sheets for the boxes;

  1. polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 
  2. Polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC)

These sheets alone are used for the packaging of candies, baked goods, candies, and kid’s toys. Here a variation of glassine is used for the greasy products packaging, polyethylene for frozen products, polyolefin for fast foods, and foil lamination for light and air-sensitive products. There is a proper process followed for UV coating for the dispensers shape boxes.

Add Handles and hanging options in them:

Handles are used to carry the boxes easily. These could be white ion colors and made up of plastic, cardboard, and steel. These hands make it convenient for everyone to stock, lift and carry the large size boxes easily. Packaging engineers advised to add handles in all boxes and make the box convenient for the buyers. Handles are glued, stapled, or one-piece made. IT costs you nothing but the experience of the customers enhanced. In addition to the handles, one could use cardboard-made flaps for tuck-in and out options. Such flaps make boxes stable and strengthen when fixed inside each other.

Appealing printing and attractive colors use:

Nowadays latest printing options have made this easier to get the most attractive boxes in a quick time. Here are a few printing techniques that make cartons eye-catching and stunning. There are traditional printing methods that help small businesses to get out-of-the-box custom boxes. Here are thy;

  1. Digital printing
  2. Flexography
  3. Lithography technique

Different printing techniques affect the cost of the box and product directly. This is because few boxes have different demands. For food boxes, we need printing that could be stable even at lower than -10 degrees. So, in frozen food boxes, different printing techniques are used that are waterproof and sable at low temperatures. Add to this, PMS and CMYK printing standards have different colors and outlooks. It is a very important decision to find the best colors for the dispenser boxes.

Glossy and matte effects:

These are also a type of UV coatings, but both have reverse effects. Some experts say the glossy effect is better, and some are reverse to this opinion. So, it depends upon the requirement of the boxes. Both are good and add value to the beautification of the boxes. Glossy is a highly reflective surface, and matte is a little bit rough but highly appealing. Suppose some want like glossy surface then goes for it. On the other hand, many brands utilizematte effects too. Add to this, the matte surface is less reflective and absorbs most of the light and temperature.

Embossing and debossing:

The raising effect on the box is known as embossing. Sometimes, brands use embossing effects on text, logo, and other stuff to make dispensers’ boxes prominent. The debossing effect is reverse to this, raised inside the box. Here are a few benefits and difference between embossing and debossing.

  1. Embossing through die pressure is known as blind embossing.
  2. Colors and die mix embossing is known as registered and combination emboss.
  3. Embossing and debossing start with vector art applied on the most important part. The text and logo of the box can be multilayered, applied on heavier paper stock, and make the box appealing.

In the end, all these eight techniques made the dispensers boxes stylish, appealing, stunning, and highly engaging. You can use them for marketing and branding.

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