September 27, 2023

A Guide to Choosing Kid’s Toys

ninja kids toys

ninja kids toys

Toys provide children with an opportunity to explore their world and develop their imagination and creativity; however, toys must always be appropriate and safe for their age group.

Avoid toys with small parts that could pose a choking hazard and read and follow the warning labels and age recommendations on them.

Consider selecting toys that encourage learning about the world, such as telescopes, weather stations, board games, model-building sets and art supplies. ninja kids toys


Age recommendations should always be a key consideration when buying toys for children, to help ensure they do not encounter toys too advanced for their age and that don’t cause harm. Many toys also provide age recommendations to assist parents and caregivers when selecting toys based on children’s interests and developmental needs.

Infants and toddlers require toys that will help develop physical skills, coordination, and communication. Educational toys provide them with exposure to colors, shapes, numbers, push/pull toys, simple take-apart toys and block sets are ideal options; it is advised to avoid toys that contain small parts which pose potential choking hazards for younger children.

At this stage, kids can use their imagination and creativity to play “pretend” games that foster imagination. They could take on roles such as teachers, doctors, ballerinas or athletes and use drums, hammer-and-peg toys or other stimulating toys to make music and noise.

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Children can be rough on toys, so they need to be durable enough to withstand wear and tear. One way of determining this is by looking at manufacturing quality certifications; also be wary of toys with sharp edges that could cut or snag your child’s fingers.

Parents should place equal weight on craftsmanship, quality and price when selecting toys for their children. Selecting toys of Heirloom quality rather than landfill quality can save parents money in the long run by eliminating frequent replacement needs.

Plastic toys contain harmful additives like phthalates, cadmium and lead that may leach into children’s bodies as they play. By contrast, wooden toys typically use natural organic materials that are non-toxic and safer for kids’ use; additionally they’re more sustainable and better for the environment than their plastic counterparts – this makes PlanToys an excellent resource when searching for wooden toy options for families. ninja kids toys


As children’s toys can often be hazardous if used incorrectly, each year hundreds of thousands of children are treated in hospital emergency departments for toy-related injuries such as choking or poisoning due to misuse.

Make sure that the toys your children play with do not contain toxic substances and materials that could be hazardous if consumed. Old or hand-me-down toys from friends or family may not meet current safety standards and could break during play, posing a health risk.

Keep in mind that small parts can pose serious hazards to young children, and that any string or cord over 7 inches long should be cut to prevent strangulation risks. You should also check CPSC’s website for toy recall information in order to avoid giving your children toys which have been recalled by the government – saving time and money in the process!


Recent decades have witnessed an explosion of educational toys as staples for children’s play. But what exactly are these educational toys used for, and how do they differ from traditional play from previous generations?

Remind yourself that children learn through play, and educational toys are just one way they can achieve this. However, other considerations must also be made such as age-appropriateness, quality over quantity and safety requirements when selecting toys for children.

Educational toys can help kids develop sensory motor skills such as proprioception (body awareness) and visual motor abilities, as well as hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

Select toys that encourage child-led learning and don’t come with pre-programmed lessons to foster creativity and imagination in children, which is essential for their overall cognitive development. Furthermore, toys which require lots of interaction between players will help foster social skills development as well as foster creativity and imagination in kids. ninja kids toys

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