September 21, 2023

About Riverside Abstract Crunchbase!

Riverside Abstract Crunchbase

Riverside Abstract Crunchbase

Recognized as one of the largest New York title insurance agencies in the country, Riverside Abstract is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. The company recently opened its first satellite office located in Lakewood, New Jersey and serves clients in the New Jersey metropolitan area and beyond.

The company’s license is not limited to New York and New Jersey, but also to Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. In addition, the firm has experience in national strategy.

As a title insurance agency, Riverside Abstract protects clients from hidden title risks that could jeopardize their investments. When a customer purchases a property, in addition to purchasing the actual building and/or land, he also purchases ownership rights as well as the right to occupy and use the property.

With Riverside Abstract, clients can be confident that their investment will be protected from loss due to damage and defects that may have existed in the property prior to acquisition.

Riverside Abstract’s mission is to provide the best service to our clients. The core principle of the company is to treat every customer as a member of the family. Friendship and loyalty are common traits offered to every customer.

The Riverside Abstract focuses on the relationship between commercial and residential buildings. Because managing a real estate transaction is time consuming and expensive, proper planning and preparation is essential in terms of saving time, money and resources. Riverside Abstract LLC provides its clients with the highest level of quality and service. The company guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

This Brooklyn-based title insurance company serves the New York area with experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who work hard to provide the best customer service possible. The firm’s mission is to provide reliable security for any real estate transaction.

Riverside Abstract LLC is a member of Fidelity National Financial, Inc., one of the largest insurance and property rights companies in the United States. Riverside Abstract has the financial strength and experience to undertake large and complex commercial transactions, as well as maintain and hold clients accountable in convenient real estate and refinancing transactions.


The real estate industry is built on three key elements: Location. Place. Location.RIVERSIDE builds its reputation on a similar motto: service. Service. Service. Riverside Abstract is a multi-state agency, handling all title transactions with a team and resources to ensure a smooth transaction. Our in-house attorneys and skilled professionals have years of experience and are ready to complete your business, from the simplest residential transactions to the most complex commercial financing. With over a hundred jobs processed each month, Riverside maintains the knowledge and skills needed to complete all jobs on time. At Riverside, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality, personalized and fastest title services nationwide. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction throughout the closing process. Riverside has been highly recognized by leading national insurers for its outstanding internal audit practices and praised for implementing comprehensive procedures to ensure client assets are fully protected. Riverside currently insures Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Company, Stewart Title Insurance Company, and New Jersey Title Company, among others. Our successful relationships with these companies are testament to Riverside Abstract’s expertise and experience. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and a satellite office in Lakewood, New Jersey, Riverside serves clients throughout the metropolitan area and beyond. Our licenses extend beyond New York and New Jersey to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia and Florida, and our experience spans honors nationwide. Riverside Best Employees, Best Service, Best Productivity, Best Closing

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