Achieve A Youthful Glow with Eos Rejuvenation Procedures 

Eos Rejuvenation

Eos Rejuvenation

People often guess the age by one’s face. This explains why a smooth and vibrant face will deceive most people into considering you younger. People desire youthful faces for age deception and other benefits such as beauty and attraction. It is, therefore, common to find people using various strategies to maintain youthful skin; some may or may not work effectively. 

EOS rejuvenation is a suitable, practical, and effective approach, which involves several procedures to retain youthful skin. The results are reliable if you consult the right professional and undergo the proper procedures.  

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EOS Photorejuvenation 

This process requires about six months to feel the full effects; however, the first effects should be evident after about two weeks. It takes about 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the skin. A dermatologist can advise on how frequently you must undergo the procedure until you gain the desired results. It is one of the procedures in Eos Rejuvenation and involves using light to treat various skin conditions. Photo rejuvenation works in two ways: 

LED Photo Facials 

It involves using light-emitting diode (LED) equipment that will allow light, infrared light deep into the skin to suppress certain hormones and conditions that can lead to spots. LED photo facials involve the use of different color schemes of different wavelengths. These colors and wavelengths are ideal for treating various skin conditions, i.e., the red light will facilitate collagen production hence suitable for wrinkle treatment. The green light will destroy pigment formation and cells, reducing the appearance of black spots due to pigmentation.  

Intense-pulsed light (IPL) 

These are noninvasive light spectrums penetrating the skin guided by an IPL device. The light in the skin will constrict blood vessels and collagen fibers. This will be crucial for boosting active blood flow on the skin surface and facilitating collagen production. A dermatologist can use it to target conditions such as acne and spots without damaging other areas. This makes it suitable for treating red, patch, UV, and melanin-damaged skin, which can heighten discoloration.  

Benefits of collagen production  

Collagen production can improve the skin in various ways: First, it improves skin elasticity reducing the wrinkling effects that lead to or speed the aging process. The protein ensures the skin remains firm for longer, hence the youthful look. 

The second benefit is the impact on skin hydration, which can help keep the skin smooth and avoid dry and scaly skin. Well-hydrated skin is likely radiant, reducing acne formation or oily skin conditions. Collagen facilitates hormonal production and balances to prevent acne formation due to hormonal imbalance.  

When you have dark spots on the face caused by conditions such as UV lights, collagen will reduce melanin production in the facial tissues, slowing the formation of black spots. As a protein, it can also help the skin to heal faster, reducing the formation of scars on the face. It also facilitates the appearance of “new” skin in areas with spots and ensures the area is covered uniformly.  

Finally, it facilitates blood flow on the skin, ensuring strong, flexible blood vessels and vibrant skin. To maintain beauty, you must undergo photo rejuvenation once a year since the effects are long-lasting as long as you use collagen-rich skin care products.  

2. Deep Plane Facelift 

This EOS rejuvenation procedure involves facial surgery to deal with challenges that could not be solved through photo rejuvenation. It aims to address specific conditions such as fast wrinkling, which can speed aging and skin dullness. One of the aims is to stretch the skin to remove excess skin that facilitates wrinkling and layering.  

The process can also involve other types of lifts, such as brow, eyelid, and forehead lifts, to stretch the skin or position the eyebrow to boost the facial appearance and beauty. After the process, you will have tightened skin with no contours and sagging, enhancing your youthful appearance.  

The process is harmless, long-term, and will hardly leave a mark on the face; however, you should only undergo the process when other methods are inapplicable or have minimal effects. Unlike other methods, you do not have to worry about side effects.  

All you have to do is recover before exposing your face to other conditions. You do not have to worry about other effects, such as skin cancer caused by botched surgeries or invasive techniques to achieve youthful skin.  

3. Rhinoplasty 

This process is mainly performed by a facial surgeon and can take different approaches such as revision rhinoplasty, non-surgical and transformational rhinoplasty. It involves booting and correcting the nasal appearance to complement the youthful and vibrant face.  

Your nose is one of the features prominent in improving your appearance; hence you need to ensure it is in the right size and shape to complement your beauty and appearance. As you age, it tends to widen and get droopy; hence you need the surgery to ensure it is firm, in the best shape, and upright to complement your beauty.  


There are different procedures you can undergo under the EOS rejuvenation procedure. The procedures will depend on your needs and suitability for boosting youthful skin appearance. Photo rejuvenation is one of the best processes; however, you can consider lifts for other gaps unfilled with the photo processes. You can also opt for rhinoplasty to ensure the nose complements the facial appearance.  

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